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  1. Ballpark gun on Sunday had him at 89 consistently. He looked rusty in the first,and as above mentioned gave up the 3 run HR. I noticed 3 guys behind home plate with real looking radar guns, i should have thought to check with them on his fastball readings. Did anyone watching on Milb tv see different. ? I know he has high K #'s, but I didnt feel all that impressed.
  2. Just received the 50% off email promo today, so I signed up again. not a bad deal for missing spring training and most of April. 2016 MLB.TV Premium Yearly Subscription $ 109.99 Discount: $55.00 ------------------------------- Total: $ 54.99
  3. free preview today and tomorrow, here's a list of some scheduled games:
  4. Not that anything is official that I've seen, but... While he's been counted on as a quality top of the order SB and R asset the past few fantasy seasons, I have to wonder how much of a hit his value takes as he's *maybe* being pushed down in the order, likely batting 7th instead of 2nd. He was interviewed during the game this afternoon and he brushed it off and said with the new coach he's willing to bat anywhere in the lineup to help the team. Lineup recently: Martin Choo Beltre Fielder Rua Moreland Andrus Corporan/Chirinos Odor