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  1. I used to love collecting cards, went to my first convention way back in the 1980s. Yeah I’m that old. i was a young kid maybe all of 11 or 12 in the late 1980s. I went with 20 dollars to spend. My Goal was to buy a reasonably priced George Bell rookie card. Nothing else mattered. I went with my friend who had saved up 250 dollars. He was kind of a speculator and he said I should buy Barry Bonds rookie cards. He said Barry Bonds would emerge as one of the greatest hitters of all time. He ended up buying 1000 Barry bonds rookie cards. I thought he was nuts! With 250 he could have bought like 5 Eric Davis rookie cards! He told me stuff like OBP was the most important statistic and I argued with him it was all about HRs and RBIs. I remember how Bonds career took off and I was so jealous of my friend.. now destined to become a millionaire. I seem to remember those cards going for like 20 each at one time. Maybe more ? I can’t remember. Years later the steroid scandal came out and the card market crashed. I ran into him at a supermarket and asked about those cards and he told me he traded the cards for drugs or something like that. I looked up the price of Barry Bonds rookie cards these days and the prices seem quite low. I recognize he is a hated player and a cheater. But he does hold several offensive records. A near mint Mickey mantle rookie goes for like 3 million dollars. A near mint bonds may be acquired with some drain for like 2 dollars. I understand supply and demand but should Mickey go for like 1.5 million Barry bonds rookie cards??!!!
  2. Heads up.. looks like a drug therapy by Gilead sciences looks promising as a treatment with multiple recoveries upon testing. Grand Slam! It’s a whole new ball game!
  3. As per my thoughts on Evan Longoria, Yaz put up a .928 OPS on the road. He's a quality sleeper if indeed there are no more home games in SF.
  4. All this chatter about playing games in Arizona instead of their home ballparks, got me a-thinking. Both he and Yaz have some very interesting home/road splits. Evan was actually pretty good on the road, posting an .871 OPS and a pace for maybe 35Hr and 110 RBIs. Pretty good sleeper if this Arizona thing reaches fruition.
  5. Hey anybody read this news story where there was talk about extending the season into November and December and playing in warm weather stadiums only?
  6. Considered to be the top pick for all relief pitchers. (And excuse me if this overlaps into Relief pitchers in general). How high up do you draft JH? How many auction dollars would you spend? He seems to go around 50-60 in most mocks. Got to love that Elite K rate. The idea that the Brewers use him for multiple innings kind of scares me. They already had so many relievers get hurt and he throws so dang hard.
  7. Watching movies about baseball just makes me grow sadder and sadder.
  8. Oh yeah I’m old enough to remember Eric Davis and his one year wonder sidekick.. Kal Daniels. Actually Kal had a few good years but got hurt. He had like a .335-25hr-25 steal season or something like that.
  9. No just a bold prediction
  10. Problem is Modern baseball is making position scarcity less important. There was a time when you could get stuck with a real stinker of a middle infielder. Now every position goes deep enough that even a 1 dollar player could develop to be an all star, maybe even an MVP candidate. Calvin Biggio for a dollar and can you guarantee me he wont blossom into a 2020 superstar? heck no.
  11. K's for hitters. Is it important? yes, somewhat. Is it as important as the fantasy community makes it out as a predictive measure towards OPS and overall hitting performance? NO WAY. Is it a predictive measure towards batting average? Somewhat but also very overrated. The conventional wisdom is: If you strikeout than you don't put the ball in play. And if you don't put the ball in play, you can't get a hit. True enough. But here's the rub. You need to make contact with the ball with enough force to send it through a major league defensive infield or a no man's land in a major league defensive outfield. A lot of players could reduce K's by choking up on the bat and reducing bat speed..but would this help? But KJ, you may, ask..what about Adam Dunn back in the day or Chris Davis or all these other high K, low average bums? I respectfully submit that these hitters are below avg hitters and that is why they strikeout so often, not the other way around. If you look at the history of baseball (yes there was baseball before advanced metrics!) you can see some general correlation between k's and batting average. But 50 years ago when it was a "REAL SHAME TO STRIKEOUT" and K rates were around 1/2 of what they are now, Batting averages must have been much higher right? WRONG. Maybe a little higher, but generally around .250's per year. Not way way better as one would expect with such fewer overall league K's.
  12. I’d go with Bogaerts because of your deep roster you need another Mi. I think he’s the safest choice. Your team has some speed with Acuna and Laureano and hopefully Trout bounces back in that department.
  13. I’d be worried about the SP. Sale is just too risky right now. I like Montas and Uriah’s as good sleeper picks. Offense is well balanced with some batting average guys to balance out the risk of Gallo and Sano.
  14. I’d keep will smith the reliever and Gallegos and devers. Since closers are at a premium. But you can’t not keep devers, he’s a potential MVP.