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  1. I'm going to guess that 70% or more of the teams that finish top 3 in roto this year will have at least 1 top 5 Starting Pitcher,
  2. They did that last year..he only played 120 games.
  3. The story would be more convincing if they didn't Bat him 9th. Statistically speaking I get it. Lousy OBP. BUt if they did decide to have him bat just a bit higher it would help him turn a profit.
  4. I go to quite a few Jays games. I think balls shoot out more to right/right-center field then out in left. Traditionally RHP get hammered in RC. But lefties a little better. Ryu is a tricky pitcher and I think that could work to his advantage against the Yankees and Red Sox who love to go for the fences. Most people are conting on him to take a dive this year but sometimes there's value to be found in that.
  5. Yeah it's not a great team. I think the TIgers may be worse. But it does have a few intriguing players. Starting with Mancini who was fantasy valuable last year. Austin Hays is also interesting. There's also that rookie Mountcastle. Santander is Barf. Givens? How badly do you want to ride the closer carousel? Givens has an Elite K rate, if he found some control he could be useful.
  6. This is jumping the gun. He still plays on a great lineup in a good hitters park and a division with some real pitching concerns. He hasn’t been fully healthy the past 2 years. His walk rate increased last year. His avg in his first 2 years was fine. The only question here is will the brand name cause him to be too expensive on draft day?
  7. AL East is filled with good LHP, greatly improving JM’s value. Red Sox - Sales Price Erod Perez Yankees - Paxton Happ (for now) Jays - Ryu Oriols - Means Liberatore won’t be ready until 2022. There’s a lot that can happen in the next few years.
  8. Good deal for the Rays - They continue to pull off smart deals.
  9. I think Will Smith-LAD deserves a little more attention. I wouldn’t take either Ramos or Sal over him. Love the upside. Great Team.
  10. Disagree. My general rule of thumb on how to prepare for auction/roto is to pay for position players, but not paying for C, Closers or Util. Focus on Middle Infielders and at least 1 Elite SP and 2 top quality OF. Especially important not to pay for Util in H2H. Cruz's value is simply because people write him off every year due to age but he performs like a stud 28 year old. The Util is a hindrance just not one that offsets his discounted elite bat.
  11. I don't believe any other baseball team had so many MVP candidates. I'm not saying I'd bet on these guys to beat Trout for even money. But all are possible. 1. DJ LeMahieu - Nobody really thought about this guy preseason, but he finished 4th in the league in MVP voting. You never know. He might repeat. 2. AAron Judge - Just needs to Stay Healthy, Potential 55+ HR power combined with patience, an OPS over 1.000 is doable. 3.Giancarlo Stanton - See above. Maybe a little Less OBP skills. 4. Gleyber Torres. Only 23 years old. Posted .870 OPS. One horrible month killed him. (Maybe he was hurt). 5. Gio Urshela - Nobody really thinks he can do what he did again but you never know. 6. Gary Sanchez. A little more of a longshot (Catches generally wear down and get injured more) but not impossible. Has elite power and above avg defense. 7. Gerrit Cole - Not unheard of to give pitchers MVP and Cy Young. With so much offense around baseball, it might just split up the vote and Gerrit wins.
  12. Waiting until Spring Training to see how well he runs coming off surgery. The stolen bases are huge. Assuming he’s ok he is my n#1 pick.