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  1. Aquino never really even got a chance this year. Already in the pre-season there was talk about him not making the team. He's an ok defensive Outfielder and they had the DH. Reds handled their situation poorly. Because of skepticism on Aquino he could have been bought for 1 dollar. I'd love to see the same skepticism on Randy. Nevertheless, it appears he is batting 3rd right after meadows and Lowe. That's a plumb placed to hit for RBI's.
  2. I hate the Rays but I hate the Astros more
  3. Yikes.. another arrest by the grammar police.
  4. what’s a short sighted move these days? I agree that years ago it was considered dumb to drop a veteran off to a slow start for a young hot rookie. Inevitably the veteran recovered and the rookie faded. But today things are much more complex as there seems to be more impact rookies (or 2nd year players). Names like Ian Anderson, plesac, sixto Devon Williams etc
  5. No way you hit 3 HRs in 3 straight games in the playoffs and it’s just a fluke.
  6. Well lets put it this way, if people aren't scared by 2020 and continue to rate Bellinger a late 1st round to early 2nd round player and Flaherty a 2nd round kind of pitcher I would not invest. Bellinger's auction cost of say 40 and Flaherty around 25? So that's 65 auction dollars that could be used. I'd rather use it on a more certainty like Cole for 45 and then 20 on an up and coming OF.
  7. Speaking of rule changes to attract millennials.. when will baseball finally get cheerleaders?
  8. Jack wasn't good this year..FIP of 4.11. He was getting a bit unlucky but not tremendously so. He was only really dominant in the second half of last year and the first half he wasn't so good. He's like the pitching equivalent of Cody Bellinger.
  9. Jesus Luzardo seems way too high. He gives up too many home runs and had a FIP 4.19. I get that he has potential but so does every pitcher eat him on that list.
  10. The story with Brandon Woodruff... starts off dominant and loses it in the 5th inning. I bet this guy has an Era under 2 in the first 4 innings and like 6 or more in the 5th or 6th.
  11. Trout's my number 2 after Juan Soto.
  12. Giolito in the top tier? I don't think so. His walk rate is too high, averaging about 3 per 9 innings in the past 2 years. He gets a plate of suck teams to feast on but honestly, I think the AL west provides more suck and who knows how the schedule unfolds next year. I think Cleveland should be better as long as Lindor returns to form and they don't start instant outs so much next year.
  13. Didn't it actually come in the crazy year we call 2020? Covid Shortened but if you look at his stats extrapolated, it looks like .350 avg, 48-50 Hrs and a 1.185 ops and yeah about 20 steals to boot.
  14. Umm..what are you talking about? Bellinger finishes 2020 with a .239/.333/.455 slash line. That's not an OPS over 900.
  15. Reminds me of those online gambling sites that say "this is a free to play website". Yep, there are free money games available.. But of course it's all about the real money.