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  1. ESPN seems to have deleted my league's transaction history from prior years in their site update. Anyone else experiencing this? Our keepers are based on FAAB dollars so we're pretty much f*cked if that history is permanently deleted. Surely other people are noticing this...
  2. In daily leagues Lamb should be a top target late in drafts. A .900-940 OPS guy against RHP with multi position eligibility who is basically free in drafts. Draft him as one of your bench spots, start him only against RHP, and you have a 3rd round bat in 60% of your games at no cost.
  3. Home start against one of the worst offenses in the league. Very tempting with that 2.93 home ERA
  4. Ho hum. QS machine. He still hasn't missed one yet.
  5. This guy has been absolute gold in OBP leagues. The quietest breakout hitter of the year.
  6. Very strange, I've never seen this before on ESPN.
  7. Good start but looks better on paper than it did watching live. Several loud outs that the CF made very nice plays on. And the fastball is still sitting at 88-89. Looks like an obvious sell high to me if you can get value. I'm shopping him hard in my league but no takers yet.
  8. Has there been an innings cap mentioned for Reyes once he joins the big club?
  9. See Price and Bundy for the risk in spite-dropping a high upside pitcher after a couple terrible starts early in the year. I have no idea if he can turn it around but we're not even 1/3 of the way through the season yet.
  10. Fine career but looks like he's reaching the end of the road. He has been horrible.
  11. Another sterling performance in the post-Fortnite era. Perhaps we buried him too soon.
  12. Agreed. Anywhere but the shallowest of leagues it's worth benching and holding for a few more starts to see if he turns it around. Season is still young and he obviously has a lot of upside. There is nothing worse than dropping a guy you invested heavily in at the draft only to watch him crush it later in the season on another team.
  13. You're assuming like I did before the season that his 100 games would be elite or at worst high-level production. He's slugging .420 in 100 ABs with 1 HR. He's aged like a fine win but let's be real, 39 is ancient. At some point the skills just won't be there anymore.