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  1. That was kind of a big story when he was drafted. Would be a much bigger story if he’d grown it back over the last few years.
  2. Lockett at 42 points even in 0.5ppr. In my league, the Lockett owner also started Cam, so he’s just barely winning.
  3. This is just getting sloppy now. Not every play needs to be a 50 yard TD.
  4. It’s a good thing I’m winning by over 60 points or that Wilson pick would have upset me.
  5. Probably? Maybe he’s really getting benched for running the wrong route and causing that end zone pick? I think that was the last time I saw him out there, but could be wrong.
  6. It sounds like Fitzy thought he wouldn’t get benched until/unless he had a multi-pick meltdown game, or the Fins had mathematically fallen out of playoff contention. I think making the switch at this point was a mistake, because everyone including Fitzy knew he was a placeholder, but all his teammates ever talked about was how much fun they were having playing with him. He’s had such a weird career; often the starter but never seen as long-term answer. Would be fun to see the Cowboys as his final team.
  7. Down 5.04 points. My Hill vs. his Harrison Butker, Gabriel Davis & TJ Yeldon (it's a deep league). Thanks for nothing Mattison! I agree with the 40 / 60 odds Yahoo is giving me.
  8. Yeah that looked like a play that worked once in practice, but Robinson had trouble taking the snap and generally didn’t look ready to run the rest of the play on an NFL field. They got too cute with the play calling. That wasn’t like when defenders kept punching the ball out of Chris Carson’s hands last season, it was just a play that should never have been called. It sucked if you lost by less than 2 points last week, but JRob doesn’t have a “ball security” issue as a result of that.
  9. What about Lamar Jackson? He’s currently the QB10 to QB14 depending on scoring settings, but his ADP was so high that he didn’t just need to be the overall QB1, he had to do it by such a wide margin that he basically added RB2 numbers every week. I avoided him like COVID this year for that reason, after he won me a ship last year at his 8th round price tag. It’s sure looking like waiting a bit for Wilson, Allen or Murray was the right answer this year.
  10. I just need Diggs and the Tennessee D/ST to not outscore Gostkowski by 39.94 points and I hold on to 1st place in a 20-teamer.
  11. Starting this guy in Week 6 with all the byes. He's quietly put up 5.30 to 7.90 points in half-PPR the last four weeks in a row. High floor and zero upside. I don't know if the quarterback carousel will have much effect on his value -- he turned 6 catches into only 46 yards from both Allen and Smith, so you're really just banking on the points for being a warm body that can receive 6-8 checkdowns per game and then fall down.
  12. Playing with the Jets for four seasons sure will depress the fantasy community's impression of a player's skill level. Obviously Anderson is just better than anyone gave him credit for. Didn't see this coming with Moore either, but we can't deny reality this far into the season.
  13. This is definitely the way to approach it for Mattison-but-not-Cook owners -- Mattison has little standalone value with Cook healthy this year. Right now is likely the best window to extract that value from the Cook owner. Otherwise you're just kind of holding him waiting for a season-ending Cook injury that may never come.