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  1. Um based on? All examples of players who had complete tears in the ligaments of their fingers and had surgery came back in ~6 weeks
  2. I mean Green just earlier this season missed a game or 2 after torn ligament for his finger. The fact is he is "evaluating options", 1 of which surely includes no surgery, in which case he misses a game or 2
  3. Alright so the way I'm reading it Best case: Misses another game or 2 Worst case: Gets surgery misses 6 weeks yeah?
  4. I mean, he will be back in a weeks timeline right? Or just play through it?
  5. Anyone know any precedence on this? Not a broken finger it seems but dislocated?
  6. Any one know about this injury and how it may impact his power ROS?
  7. He's putting up numbers we expected from JD Martinez (Top 5 pick)
  8. And isn’t Arizona amongst the leagues best in defense too? I think that tilts this to being a win for Gallen
  9. Summary: The good: - Better hitting team to help Ws - Pitching in better road parks - Better defense The bad: - Pitching in worse home park - Tougher schedule I think the plusses outweigh the minuses
  10. Used the rest of my FAAB budget for this guy. Fully sold.
  11. What do you guys think about Nick Anderson in TB? Shot at closer or drop