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  1. So more or less the fantasy season is over is what you're saying
  2. Okay max there are 100 people working directly with each team (that is a MAJOR overestimation IMO), get them all tested, quarantine affected, and resume. Dude there are hundreds of companies with affected employees. They don't shut the entire company down when 1 person is found affected lmao. Okay so what if there are so many people working with each team, what do you think happens if 1 employee is found infected within some other company? Its shut down game over? LOL
  3. Is there an issue with waiting for months to resume NBA season?
  4. I know we all feel bad, you know some of us played in really competitive leagues, put so much time and effort into this, and really became attached. But this really has the threat to not just screw over the fantasy season, but the NBA season. Imagine how those NBA players would feel, considering how much work and effort they put to possibly win the championship this year. Think of LeBron and the Lakers, thats 1 more year of his prime and this year really seemed like they would win it too did so many things right. Ouch honestly.
  5. Ok so test every player, get results back 1-2 days, quarantine who is affected, and let the rest continue? Simple.
  6. Why not then just postpone everything until its out of the way? The argument for postponing would be the $$$ obviously
  7. Ok heres my take - Test all players + coaches (~500) - Get results back within a day or 2 - Quarantine affected - Take a week off and test 1 more time to make sure no new infections - Resume games Why not?
  8. Um based on? All examples of players who had complete tears in the ligaments of their fingers and had surgery came back in ~6 weeks
  9. I mean Green just earlier this season missed a game or 2 after torn ligament for his finger. The fact is he is "evaluating options", 1 of which surely includes no surgery, in which case he misses a game or 2
  10. Alright so the way I'm reading it Best case: Misses another game or 2 Worst case: Gets surgery misses 6 weeks yeah?
  11. I mean, he will be back in a weeks timeline right? Or just play through it?
  12. Anyone know any precedence on this? Not a broken finger it seems but dislocated?