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  1. Isn't it possible that Kevin Durant is 1st round player?
  2. Really? I don't think so. I drafted him and I am disappointed.
  3. House is ranked among TOP50 right now and he looks better. If you can please look my question also.
  4. Not sure that MitchRob will improve. If, then only a little bit. I stayed away from him during draft and I recommend to stay away continuously. Maybe you can find better trade, because Holmes minutes are not guaranteed.
  5. If I see your team then giving Vucevic for these two players is not as bad as it looks, because your team is strong in rebounds anyway and you can improve some other stats. If Curry doesn't play at all then you can even win with this trade.
  6. Was offered his Zach LaVine for my Kristaps Porzingis. Is this trade OK?
  7. I got him with pick 106. Of course sell high is an option, but what I get for him? I don't think anybody gives me TOP50 player for him. Therefore it is not necessary to sell high now.
  8. I say only one thing: I don't think first pick has too much impact who has winning team or not. I mean there is impact, but it is less than you think.
  9. You argue here what rank is better, Yahoo or BBM, but I say in this season Shamet can finish inside TOP150. He is more experienced now and can improve some stats.
  10. Yes, basically you are right. If schedule is not as heavy as previous years, then finding so-called Thursday-teams gives less effect. But I hope you understood my point - if during three days (W-Th-F) my team has 10-4-10 games I get 24 games, but if 12-0-12 then I get 20 games from my players.
  11. Yes, to win categories. But how? In regular season in H2H the number of all category wins during all season is important. As you know you just have to get certain amount of wins and make it play-offs. It is not important that you are all the time best in some special category (like MitchRob gives blocks). Only total number of cat wins is important and then at PO you have just to win one category more than opponent. I don't think that winning blocks every week brings me closer to overall victory. But versatility and being good in most categories will do it. I already said it, but I say one more time: Mitch Rob is NOT my man.