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  1. Yes, in CF, but not drastically. 5 to 10 feet in different spots. The jury is still out on how much it'll boost offense.
  2. I'm probably nuts for starting Miley after two straight disasters, with a playoffs matchup on the line. Oh well YOLO I guess!
  3. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/nationals/sean-doolittle-plans-close-nationals-again-even-if-it-takes-while Speculation that it might be weeks before Doolittle works his way back to closing. I'm hanging on to Daniel Hudson for now.
  4. Funny thing, after last night's great start, he was dropped in every one of my leagues. I get it though, his next four starts are vs. HOU, vs. TEX, @ MIN, @ NYY (if the rotation stays the same). Indians schedule gets easier after that though so I could see holding even if he's a sit against the Stros and Yankees.
  5. Plesac strikes out the side, that's more like it
  6. Lots of hard contact off of Plesac. Fastball velo dipping a bit as the game goes on. Not that impressed with him today.
  7. Please throw some strikes Mr. Plesac
  8. I feel like they have to leave him in the rotation for now, unless he gets absolutely bombed, right? What other options do the Indians have after Bauer/Clevinger/Bieber?
  9. Nah. He's thrown a lot of innings lately with the CGSO and the near no-hitter, and this game seems to be well in hand. No need to overwork the guy.
  10. Hector Gomez is legit. I've seen ESPN and MLBN use his reporting. IIRC he broke the news of the Eloy extension.
  11. Kimbrel went in the 3rd round in one of my leagues and the 5th in a few others. I thought that was insane at the time but now I kind of see the point of "overpaying" for a sure thing closer. I was real smug about drafting Boxberger in every league and then he lost the job right before fantasy playoffs started.
  12. Sounds like the Dodgers will go with Hill tomorrow and save Walker Buehler for the Wild Card game, if needed. Interesting strategy and I don't really agree with it, I think you use your best SP (Buehler) and try to win the division. Oh and it f***s over my fantasy team too lol.