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  1. I didn't know we were allowed to draft characters in the next Star Wars movie.
  2. Now both of the other Pats TEs are probably out. I think Watson is worth a shot if you're streaming TE or your only TE was Olson.
  3. Brissett did target Jack Doyle 108 times when they played a season together.
  4. I remember when the Jets drafted this guy first... can't believe he's still going!
  5. Do y'all think it'd be workable to start Allen in a 12-team/1 QB league where most people take a backup QB, and thus you do want to come out of the draft with a set starter? He's basically a free draft pick. I'm looking at Fantasy Football Calculator data for 12-team PPR mock drafts, and Allen averages the 157th pick, which is significantly later than even the "backup QB run" of Rivers, Big Ben, Brady, and Dak (that's more like the 130s.) That's if Allen gets drafted at all, which he apparently usually doesn't... Mahomes has been chosen in 951 drafts, but Allen in only 331. So, if you were willing to draft Allen as your starting QB, you could literally take him last and could push up each of your other very late picks. If he can even be close to QB12 overall, it'd probably be worthwhile. It seems plausible that if he could be #1 overall for a decent stretch of time, he could manage to at least not fall too much lower than #12, even if a lot fewer things go his way. But... is it plausible?
  6. A potential crucial distinction is that Martin, unlike McCoy, has been awful.
  7. Well, he is a lefty... ... but unfortunately, it's his left elbow.
  8. This is the third time in four starts that Morrow has pitched seven innings (he went six innings in his other start). Pretty impressive for a guy who had to win the No. 5 spot in the rotation out of Spring Training. Against the Dodgers, he struck out four, scattered five hits and walked just one. Morrow's only mistake came on a solo home run by Alex Guerrero in the fifth inning. Otherwise, everything came up aces. Through 27 innings, he holds a 2.67 ERA and a 19/6 K/BB ratio. As long as he stays healthy, he has the talent to put up numbers. Morrow will look to continue his sparkling run on a mountainous road date with the Rockies next Saturday.His next start isn't in Colorado; it's in San Diego. That could certainly prompt someone to make a decision they didn't mean to...