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  1. I hope it is nerves, yeah I get it....1st time in Fenway. BB/9 in AAA is 4.07. He just reached his avg. 4BB's today.
  2. A full season pace would have been 60? I think? Just looking for some HR's!!!!!! When he gets a week?
  3. HR #1 for Arenado. On his way now to 40+ Quiet bat for the beginning of the season.
  4. yup I know the feeling, geez I thought I was smart this year waiting on pitching and drafting Chacin, Burnes and Peralta. Winning Brewers Team. Winning pitchers.....ugh!! Its early
  5. GET YANDY DIAZ NOW!!!! sorry got a little excited there
  6. I read his velocity was at 97mph in his 1st start. 2nd start he was too "fastball happy" and lost total command It's early. Hey he's got a 9 strike outs in 9 innings.
  7. thanks thinking the same
  8. Yes a safer play but more wins with Burnes and the Brewers. Just don't check Burnes line tonight.
  9. Yes I have Peralta in all my leagues
  10. I like the steadiness of John Brebbia and the potential for saves. Reyes was sent down. I also like Nick Anderson MIA. Maybe he gets a chance to be the closer? Big time K's in the minors. I can probably pick up either in my deep NL league. Yes?
  11. Thinking Brebbia is worth a pick up for possible saves for the Cards. He has been very solid. Hicks have good stuff though. Whats up with Miller and Reyes? found this article: