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  1. My Dad had a mega collection of 1950’s baseball cards. His little brother burnt the house down cooking french fries. They still bicker about it every Christmas.
  2. Barry’s 4 consecutive MVP’s.....Jack Morris 14 consecutive opening day starts.....Eric Gagné 84 consecutive saves converted. Highly doubt any of these are touched in today’s game and the foreseeable future of baseball.
  3. Barry’s 2004 OPS record. He was 39 years old that year.
  4. The doctor I know says Covid-19 can be absorbed through your eyeballs. Masks do nothing unless you have goggles as well.
  5. “Soul of the game” is a great movie about the negro league players.
  6. My entire baseball career...little league through high infielder gloves signature in the palm...Ron Cey.
  7. Late greats Tony Gwynn and Turkey Buckett...I mean Kirby Puckett were on the round side later in their careers. Another old “Twinkie” I loved watching was Ron Coomer. I see Kent Hrbek around town still...he is 400lbs. Our old manager, Gardy, was 9 months pregnant as well.
  8. Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Delgado were fire back in the early 00’s. Check out Soriano’s stats for yourself. Many double-takes while reading his stats. Second basemen to boot.
  9. Player Vincent Edward Jackson.....pitcher Randy Johnson....closer Eddie Guardado....Intro to game John Rocker...Manager Lou Piniella.
  10. Tommy Edman-STL...I think he’s a lock for 20/20+his multiple eligibility is huge. Matt Olsen-OAK...I’m aboard the hype train...250/40/100/100 Max Fried-ATL...20 win..200k season on tap. Junior Fernandez-STL...Gut feeling.
  11. Doubles machine 2 years ago. Super fun to watch in the batters box.
  12. I thought Dustin Ackley was gonna be amazing! In 06’..I sold my soul to acquire Travis Hafner...sent some fatty named Prince Fielder in the trade. He hit 50 that next season.
  13. + banned from postseason play for x years.