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  1. RW reporting it's a fractured hamate, surgery required. Doubtful to return for long, if at all.
  2. Perfectly fair take on COVID in general. But the truth also remains that some people put themselves and others at much, much greater risk through reckless behavior, potentially violating either the letter or the spirit of MLB's health and safety protocols. Testing/screening, every other day I believe, is a requirement of the H/S protocols--not a discretionary decision by individual clubs. Teams that scale back testing in order to conceal positives, if that's even in their purview, also ought to be penalized. I agree that short of putting the majors in a bubble you're going to have infections peppered throughout all 30 clubs, but you're going to have dramatically more infections where irresponsibility comes into play and that can jeopardize the game for everyone both as a logistical and public health matter. This isn't about getting a pound of flesh because we're mad at people who get sick. It's about protecting players and keeping the season viable. I'm sure I'm off topic at this point and I'm not the guy who gets to make these decisions. Happy to drop it. I'm just grimacing at the idea that preventable mistakes could jeopardize everyone's season.
  3. Would be a shame to see a team like the Marlins get into the playoffs because they won an unrepresentative sample size and got to skip to the boss fight with a fraction of the effort while the majority of the league has to suffer injuries, fatigue and the law of averages. I'm sure there's a reason they won't do it this way (and it may even be a good reason) but I feel like in flagrantly reckless instances it really ought to be chalked up as a forfeiture and the schedule should be allowed to move ahead unimpeded.
  4. Amen. I want the Marlins fined. I wanted the Astros disqualified.
  5. Agree that Kapler's decisions were reasonable tactics/strategy that just didn't work out. Also agree that it's fine to expect the 7th out of the ace when the team needs it and that Nola is accountable for his own play (if not necessarily in complete control of when his day ends). It's fair to say Nola pitched poorly in the 7th and that doing so was unlike him, but I think that's a much more forgivable sin than just fundamentally not "having it," as some of the earlier comments seem to suggest. 1st/2nd tier starters are just struggling right now across the board. At worst I think Nola's situation, if you want to call it that, is something to monitor -- not a representative forecast for the rest of the season. Barring injury (which does not appear to be what's happening at all) I think it will be challenging to stay bearish in this thread by the time we get to the heart of the season. This is a smart pitcher with 60-grade stuff. Keep the faith.
  6. Not sure how many people actually watched the start last night but I saw every pitch and I'm not sure what you were seeing. No, Nola wasn't perfect -- command wasn't 100% on his curve/change, and he wasn't getting Ks - but through the first six IP his line was solid: 4 H, 1 BB, 3 K, 2 ER (and I'm still not convinced that one of the hits/runs shouldn't have been an error). His fastball was hitting 95-96 in the first inning. Things unraveled because Kapler tried to save the bullpen an inning by putting him back out in the 7th. He looked dynamic for 18/19 of his outs but I thought he looked gassed when he came back out, and after Franco's error he gave up two homers on an high-80s fastball and a hanging curve. Call it a day after the 6th inning and he's got what, a 0.8 WHIP and a 3.00 ERA? Nice little QS against a strong lineup. They didn't and we lost the QS. It's April. Dust off and get over it.
  7. Forum: Nola: Forum: Nola: *pitches 39/40 starts with <4 ER* Forum: What a bum!
  8. That's the data point I needed. Thank you.
  9. Fair point, sure. Still, this contract covers the fourth year and there are examples of non-MVP, non-champion players who get above ~$12m by then, right? I dunno man. I don't blame Acuña for taking the money and i'm not trying to argue, but I'm struggling to see how he didn't get shorted.
  10. Mookie just got $20m in arbitration, right? Hard for me to really understand how this adds up well for a guy who could command a Troutian payday. Sure, nobody's ever offered me $100 million but then again I've never been worth three times that amount.
  11. I wouldn't overreact to this start. Others have mentioned that he has an understandable amount of rust, and I wouldn't even treat that as an indictment of Roberts/the Dodgers' FO. Babying a pitcher who you may need to go deep into October play is inconvenient for fantasy but probably smart for real baseball at this point in the season. Whether he was overpriced on draft day has probably been hashed out earlier in this thread, but he's not a fringe starter. Everyone who drafted him (*raises hand*) knew that he was coming into the season with essentially no ST and with a playoff premium and we drafted him anyway. Short of injury this guy will give you 20+ must-start uh... starts. Buehler isn't inured by any accounts, and his velocity is normal. He had a bad start, like every other pitcher - ask the guy who drafted Sale.
  12. One of the things I'll be watching for with Ender this year is whether his power (air quotes) sticks around. He surprised everyone a little in 2017 when he hit 11 homers, which was almost double his previous high mark, without sacrificing average. At the time I wrote it off as a fluke since I'm pretty sure Bumgarner hit 10 homers in 2017. The average took a little hit last year but the mini-power surge stuck around. Wondering whether it's a change in his swing, in his build, or something else.
  13. He's gotten a little bit of hype from Pitcher List or FanGraphs or somewhere similar. I have him on my watch list. Hadn't heard his velocity was up so high.
  14. If it were me I'd swap Donaldson with Markakis -- solid contact hitter, walked almost as much as he struck out last year, left handed bat, played 162 games last year even at 34 -- and put Donaldson in at the 5 hole, which seems like a more natural fit to me. But it ain't me. So it goes. Regardless, leadoff will be a great spot for Ender.