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  1. Isn’t the projected total the highest on the week? It’s projected to be a complete shoot out. Williams is going to play a ton. This isn’t going to be some GB stomping where they can “get a feel” of their rookie RB. They need to score. It’s most likely going to be a faster paced game based on the projected totals. Williams is going to be needed in there for hurry up /fast paced and third downs. They love Williams. Jones was supposed to be set up for a smash spot. so now Williams should be as well.
  2. Juju has an adot of like 5 yards Not good
  3. He’s not going away. He’s a big part of the offense at this point. He’s getting carries. That’s icing on the cake. If it was not Ben at quarterback and a young QB, I would have my trepidations this could continue. There’s no way Ben does not see what is blossoming right in front of him. Ben has been around long enough to know who to feed. The coach is scheming plays for him because he is a big time playmaker. When Johnson comes back he will be the underneath blanket. Juju is done
  4. Well the new coach featured the #1 playmaker so things are a rocket ship for Julio.
  5. I know what they’re thinking. “Akers you’re the clear #3” if anyone needs a clear idea of the pecking order , here ya go
  6. Exactly. Taylor unfortunately is a slow burn. You should be delighted he was not abandoned and game scripted out of the game. It shows the pendulum is now on his side. Byes can clear coaches heads.
  7. Julio claimed what is his Atlanta’s alpha reciever.
  8. Feel like this dude is spinning plates
  9. I have to start him and I have the feeling it’s gonna be like watching a car crash happened in slow motion.
  10. All this is great and all but if he’s the early down grinder or even a COP RB , he better get goal lines to hit your projections. Otherwise it’s dump city.