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  1. Doesn’t he always get hurt in the final couple of minutes? All his injuries anyway
  2. OK but you realize the majority of people playing in PPR right?
  3. OK well then it doesn’t matter same thing. Brady doesn’t trust Sony to get the job done.
  4. Yep and it’s against the Giants. Bill showed no confidence in him to get it done on the goal line. I don’t know what at more evidence you need. This was the Giants.
  5. It ain’t happening George Michael
  6. I own him in a couple leagues myself. Please people don’t fool yourselves. It’s the damn Giants and Brady tried to sneak it in from 4 yards out. He had three sneaks total with Sony in the backfield. He’s Royce Freeman
  7. Brady tried to sneak it in front three or 4 yards out. They don’t trust this guy at all. It is what it is. If it’s not happening against the Giants it’s not going to happen.
  8. This is an absolute joke of a post. Last year Evans went 7-147-1TD 4-86 off Lattimore Why do people post things in this forum that have no idea what they’re talking about? Just literally post comments without any background.
  9. I don’t think he’s getting traded there’s a 20 mil cap hit but please god trade him. Anywhere would be better, literally.
  10. Lo I love monty i believe he’s the best back out of this class besides singletary but he needs work
  11. I’m starting him as my RB2 over Monty. cmon dude have a break out game
  12. Everybody wants a qb change cause of their relationship but keep in mind Keenum is Fitz 2.0 he keeps throwing
  13. I’m trading FOR him this is how buy lows work
  14. Cam is Bortles levels trash, CMC will have stack boxes going forward
  15. The Cardinals threw the ball almost 60 times. It was up-tempo. The lions were forced to play that way. Whoever plays the Cardinals every week are going to be in these fast tempo games. Try to play anyone against the Cardinals. More snaps and more plays.
  16. I think Monty is more like hints rookie year.
  17. Maybe the starting rb on the best offensive team? Opposing teams will be in sub packages (dimes, etc) with any rb on the chiefs with massive lanes. id imagine you’d need to go big to get McCoy
  18. I Yes exactly. he knows the system, won’t be long till he’s up to full speed. i think he will be the primary with Williams taking 3rd down and hurry ups. i can see a 60/40 split