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  1. lol. anyone who's been on these boards longer than a month knows what RUSH is all about.
  2. Man that last pitch is so dirty. I wonder what the 90mph third offering he has is. Change up? Cutter? I wonder if he's abandoned his slider completely since the TJS and moved to strictly curve balls.
  3. with the shortened season and the certainty of tons of double headers a 6-man rotation is all but guaranteed for all teams at this point. this opens the door for kopech to be a shoe in to start the season in the majors. in my opinion this guy is the most slept on player going into this years draft. he has legit top 5 SP potential if he stays healthy. ill be drafting him/reaching for him in all my leagues this year.
  4. Notable waiver wire guys: SP - Musgrove, Gore, Hill, May, Civale, McKay RP: S.Green, W. Harris, R. Pressely, H- Aquino, Carlson, Chavis, Y. Diaz Who would you pick up and who would your ensuing drop be? Thanks. 12 Team H2H (No holds) C-Molina 1B: LeMahieu 2B: Hiura 3B: Sano SS: Turner OF: Betts, Marte, Judge Util: Gallo Util: Voit B: Cespedes, Calhoun, Myers SP: Soroka, Paxton, Carrasco, Urias, Montas, Kopech SP: McCullers, Richards, Howard, Pearson RP: W. Davis, Givens
  5. Being a Marte owner this season I'm admittedly bias BUT I honestly do believe this is going to motivate him. Very sad situation either way.
  6. It's looking increasing more likely that [the universal DH] is going to be the norm going forward (at least for the 2020 season). [...] Who do we think are the big winners/losers this season due to this? Cespedes's value jumps big time imo.
  7. Nothin. Here's his twitter https://twitter.com/cj_freel?lang=en . Back on FEB 5th he posted that the 2020 draft guide was in this works. Since then he hasn't posted anything. I've commented on the post asking if there were any updates on an ETA and he hasn't responded. His 2019 guide was posted back on March 17th of 2019 so I assumed this years write up would be available around the 17th but I guess not. I'll keep checking and let everyone know if/when he posts it but I have a sneaky suspicion he jumped ship on this years write up.
  8. Hopefully one of the mods can/will make that correction to his last name. My bad
  9. He’s today’s hottest add in Yahoo. I’ve never heard of him but the blurb says he’s the closer of the future for the Mariners and that he would have made the opening day roster if the season started on time. Anyone have any insight on this guy? Anyone making the add with hopes of him starting the year as Seattle’s closer?
  10. can a brother get an updated list of the picks or what?
  11. love this team. this is basically the way I draft every single year. stack up on offense, pluck a couple high end #2 Sps, fill in the rest with undervalued quality sps outside the top two tiers sprinkled in with some high risk/reward arms and worry about closers late because the're a dime a dozen. i bet you'll dominate with this team.
  12. supposedly he made adjustments to his stance/approach which has led to his hot spring. just something to keep in mind being the C position is so thin. i like the tout - ill be following him
  13. Has he been officially named as a member of the Padres starting rotation?
  14. Thanks brother, I can always count on you for some solid advice. Extra thanks in pointing out that it depends on if theres a season or not. My question was cut and dry and doesnt need to be moved to another thread (is this guy restorable or not in redrafts). Yah, I could have added "in redrafts" in my original post but I specifically left out the information that you requested (teams in the league/roster size etc etc) so that it wouldn't be confused with a bench coach inquiry. Plain and simple - if this guy starts off the season as the #5 starter is he worth a roster spot or not.