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  1. damn this thread is grim. kind of wish i didn't click the link.
  2. On behalf of this monster game from Hill - I’m curious to know what the best fantasy performance in a single game for a WR is. Obviously it would depend on league settings but as far as stats go this has got to be the most dominant game I’ve ever seen from the WR position. Anyone have any insight?
  3. Will this finally be the year we bring home a ship? With Paxton and Tanaka likely moving on, we have some glaring holes to fill in our rotation. Do we go young and roll with all our up-and-comers or do we sign/trade for an established SP1? Why the hell haven't we signed DJL yet? If we plan on making it past the first round we're going to have to re-sign him and/or trade for Lindor. I'm hoping we say goodbye to Sanchez, I've had about enough of him. Give me Molina instead. This should be an interesting pre-season going forward, I'm intrigued to see how upper management handles our needs. Go Yanks.
  4. This guy will be my "must have" in all drafts. Low Key possible top 5 Sp.