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  1. MPJ - Dont like Culvers upside going against Denvers D.
  2. every single article posted in the past 24 hours says Drummond to ATL is not happening. not to say they cant dive back into trade talks - but for now, discussions have ended.
  3. you should probably specify if what you're saying is a fact or a rumor of there being interest from atlanta. in this case, ATL seems to have moved on from the idea as far as i can tell.
  4. He'll be $$ in points leagues for the next few weeks. Definitely grab him while you still can.
  5. This is absurd. it makes zero sense that the only tangible evidence as to why someone should gain position eligibility (# of games/minutes played at that specific position) doesn't count towards anything when considering updating someones position eligibility. Instead, as Trench Mob indicated, their IT dep. uses " a combination of box score data (if not minutes/games started than what? fg%? lol), past performance (so they have a better shot of gaining eligibility if they played well while in said prospective position?), outside websites (wtf?) that track positional data and few of our trusted reporters (again, wtf?). Adding and changing position eligibility is rare, however certain trends may result in updating a player’s eligibility” You would think they would be approaching the idea the complete opposite way. Especially since position eligibility is such a big part of how people approach their fantasy teams. All other fantasy sports leagues do it the right way. It bothers me (way more than it should lol). Smh.
  6. pretty sure they said the same thing about Otto Porters injury which turned out to be a fracture.
  7. why tf would the knicks trade for a rental in drummond. i cant imagine any scenario that would make sense for them to do that.
  8. hes too good to not roster until the deadline just to see what happens. esp. with capelas heel injury - heel injuries tend to linger. some sort of short term shut down/surgery is definitely possible. if you can afford to roster a little dead weight until the deadline id say hes a good stash.
  9. I'm on board. Really hoping Capela opts for surgery on his heel.
  10. Ha. I bought with Dipo and Warren. However, I'm in a points league and I'd undo that trade in a second if I could.
  11. do we think he will be productive when he returns? he was just dropped in my 10 team points league.
  12. Figured I'd get the ball rolling here. Anyone have any bright ideas for stashes other than the obvious? I'm talking about guys with relatively low value at the moment that might blow up if/when someone in front of them gets traded OR if they themselves get traded to a team that offers them more playing time. Guys like Nance & company are most likely already rostered. Who are this years hidden treasures? Guys like Christian Wood come to mind for me (in the event of a Drummond trade)