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  1. i can see that. he looks a little quicker with his steps tho. similar to kamara to me.
  2. Just traded him for hogan on sunday morning. Not looking too bad now.
  3. Check out @JFowlerESPN’s Tweet: Big Ben was just making a joke here, right?
  4. yea id go for it. gotta win now, who knows when bell plays again.
  5. personally id rather have Wentz than Fitz or Ben. id also rather have Baldwin than Golladay. but i dont play in keeper leagues, so my evaluations may be off. id try to move Fitz, he might get benched for ole Crab legs soon.
  6. Breida looks good, but if you can package him with somebody else, go for it. maybe him and Fitz to a qb desperate team. id hold on to Eifert and Reed tho, one or both are bound to get injured.
  7. i would be getting DJ and Brees. im pretty desperate at QB (dalton, Dak) my rbs are Conner, Michel, A. Jones, Alf. 12 team league. non-ppr.
  8. i would not do that. DJ has played some pretty stout defenses so far. i could see them force feeding him now that everyone is calling out the play calling. plus who knows whats going to happen to Bell. he may not even play at all this year.
  9. for context, im down by 37 points. so theres a good chance that it doesn't matter who I start. right now I have lewis and drake, but Im pretty sure I gotta put Cooks in, hope he blows up. kinda leaning towards drake for the other spot tho.
  10. I got two slots left for tonight and three possible players. just wondering what you guys are thinking. Pick Two: Brandon Cooks, Dion Lewis, Kenyan Drake. Thanks in advance for those who help.
  11. so they are hearing the case again on Thursday (11/09/2017). it will be interesting if they have a ruling by the end of the week or not. I think id rather have him this week, then let him serve his suspension, rather than him starting it right now and having to hold him until week 16, if im even still playing in week 16. obviously id rather just have him the rest of the season, but im not sure that's gonna happen. fingers crossed tho! https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2017/11/05/ezekiel-elliott-talks-preparing-chiefs-short-notice-status-next-week
  12. he would be suspended weeks 10-15. so he could still play in your championship game.
  13. What if the regression has already begun, and its in the negative direction...