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  1. I think this is a week where both NO backs are top-20.
  2. Huge Bills fan here & I dropped Moss for Jamaal Williams. It's not Moss's role so much as how slow & indecisive he's looked when he does get in. I really expected to see hard running & breaking tackles, but there hasn't been much of either. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Favre actually had MORE injury concerns than Tua does. He had 30 inches of his intestines removed after a car accident in his Senior year, and then was diagnosed with necrosis in his hip (same as Bo Jackson) during his physical when traded to Green Bay. The GB doctors wanted to fail the physical & void the trade, but were overruled by team management. Favre overcame all that to have a very healthy & highly productive career. Who's to say Tua can't do the same?
  4. He just missed a 60yd TD bomb that was knocked away at the last millisecond. He was plenty healthy enough to get open over the top. The game was a downpour, not a typical game, better days ahead.
  5. He needs 5 days of negative tests before he could play. I think today would not count since testing was already done, so even Monday is out (if he signs with Buf or KC).
  6. Davis had a TD called back in the Titans game on a completely bogus Illegal Shift penalty. He's a very talented WR, and can be a fantasy asset with enough targets. That said, John Brown practiced today.
  7. Jacobs is a stud, but falls victim to negative game scripts more often than not. I don't think Ruggs changes that, and it caps Jacobs as a high-end RB2.
  8. All I'm hoping for from Bell is to be a useable RB3 to use during starter's bye week. I think he does that.
  9. Fantasy-wise, he's not getting near enough targets to be useable if the top-3 are healthy. If Brown is out, he'll immediately take Brown's targets, & he's been great with what he's gotten.
  10. Mathew Berry has Chark on his "Hate" list this week. Have to decide between Chark & D Parker, currently leaning Parker.
  11. The Chargers' initial plan for this season was to start Tyrod & try to compete for a Wildcard. With abbreviated camp & no preseason, the thought was that Herbert wouldn't be ready. Herbert comes in & is waaaay better than expected. Plans change. QBs need time to develop on the field, and have failures, before they're ready to lead a team to playoff glory. It makes no sense to not start that clock for Herbert now. Even if they think Tyrod would win more games, they aren't going anywhere with him. Let Herbert absorb the growing pains this year while still keeping the team very competive, especially if Lynn wants to be back next year.
  12. Josh Allen has 26 rushing yards in the past 3 games combined.
  13. Depends on the severity of MCL sprain. Grade 1 will be 3 weeks, Grade 2 is likely 4-6+ weeks. If it was Grade 3, he'd need surgery, so it's likely not that. FWIW- I had a Grade 2 MCL sprain & it was 6 weeks before I could sprint, let alone cut. I didn't have NFL trainers though...