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  1. I'd do it in a heartbeat. With the way SD manages their young arms, it could be 2 years before Gore is getting close to Pearson.
  2. I like his chances this year after the Astros start. Somebody from the Angels has to be a decent fantasy starter, why not Canning? |...] he's on my watch list.
  3. A guy in my CBS league had to auto-draft his team. First round pick, CBS picks... Nelson Cruz. Many laughs were had, the dude was pissed. Doesn't look too bad right now.
  4. Yes, that's the plan. He will piggyback with Buehler for his first 2-3 starts, beginning 7/28. May was sent down to keep an extra position player until then.
  5. Judge, this is not close. S Marte is being drafted on name recognition, but is an OF3 IMO.
  6. I like Olson a lot at his ADP. 40+ Homers if healthy.
  7. Bogaerts for sure at that value. I'd also take the gamble on Adell.
  8. I'd trade Merrifield first, then Polanco.
  9. I like your starting lineup, but bench is a bit weak. I wouldn't sweat it, those can be swapped out for WW guys quickly.
  10. Cole, Bellinger, Turner, Bichette, Moncada
  11. Buehler, Castillo, Marte, Bichette
  12. I think Pete just had his career year, but he's the safer of the 2. If Yordan is somehow 1B eligible, that could tip the scales.
  13. Bichette- cost is 10th round pick (ADP is 5th round) Castillo- cost is 10th round pick (ADP 4th round) Soroka- cost 11th round pick (ADP 6th round) ADP is based on my league settings & current drafts WHIR