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  1. Maybe swap out Culver for someone hot
  2. I checked his minor lg stats and hes walked way too many guys. What exactly is the hype around him..?
  3. Maeda is goin on DL. If that makes him relevant, Not sure
  4. 2 doubles and a ding. Signs of life.
  5. Maybe b/c they needed some kind of a counting system for IP. Who knows..
  6. Yes, I agree the metrics don't tell the whole story nor are they definitive. All I'm trying to be is objective. I own him too and yes, this is still a small sample, but there are some red flags (so far) and we can't be (or shouldn't be) overly optimistic. I'm just trying to play the devil's advocate here. 2 dingers were great but they also came with 2 SOs. He still isn't looking like who he was the past two years. In conclusion, we need to stay alert and see if things really change in a good way soon.
  7. His numbers this year says otherwise. His walk rates down about 5% and K rate is up 15% and swstr% is up 5%. Plate discipline metrics are the quickest to stabilize.
  8. Ya if by good hitter you mean poor man's Gallo minus the walks
  9. Don't worry guys, he will be DLed retroactively.
  10. Ya, he was so overrated coming into the season. The next Yelich my a**