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  1. Well I see your point but I just think that 2019 was a major outlier. His HR/FB was 15.9%, his career is 11.4%. His exit velocity actually went down from 90.6 in 2018 to 90.4 in 2019. I also trust Steamer when it comes to their projections which give us this list of top fantasy 3B based on their stats: 1. Nolan Arenado .296 40 HR 114 RBI 100 R 3 SB 2. Jose Ramirez .277 31 HR 101 RBI 95 R 23 SB 3. Rafael Devers .300 32 HR 103 RBI 95 R 9 SB 4. Alex Bregman .287 32 HR 103 RBI 106 R 6 SB 5. Manny Machado .272 37 HR 102 RBI 93 R 7 SB 6. Kris Bryant .273 31 HR 91 RBI 100 R 4 SB 7. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. .295 25 HR 87 RBI 85 R 3 SB 8. Anthony Rendon .284 28 HR 99 RBI 93 R 4 SB Wouldn’t you prefer the stat lines above Rendon’s? Vlad’ did worse but he has upside.
  2. Lol at the 7 year old on the boards, yeah I can get that way too. But yeah I know what you mean about narratives, it’s just this was his only year doing that, and to me that’s incredibly suspect and as I said Steamer and most projection systems are in agreement with me on saying he will be significantly worse than in 2019, not bad or anything just not elite. I think fourth round is better. Arenado, Ramirez, Bregman, Devers should be ahead of him and you can argue for Bryant, Suarez, Machado, Chapman wouldn’t you agree?
  3. Fangraphs did an article about him before and said that he doesn’t project as one due to his mechanics and HR/FB rate.
  4. Did you really just compare Rendon to Betts? Have you been watching baseball long? You keep talking about ONE year. I’m not saying he wasn’t a top 50 hitter in 2019, I’m saying he won’t be in 2020. Brush up on my research? 😂. You’re saying things that an average fan knows are honestly just plain stupid. Forget his 2019, focus on 2020. 1. He’s been the same player for around a decade going back to the minors until age 30. That means any sudden change in his game when he becomes completely different is highly suspect. 2. Many players tend to have big contract years then going back to how they were before. It’s not unusual. 2019 just happened to be Rendon’s contract year. If you don’t know this, you need to stop playing fantasy and learn a little about the game first, because my friend’s 7 year old sister even knows this. 3. Rendon was never a power hitter but suddenly broke out in his contract year AND a year with a juiced ball. Common sense says he’s probably not really a 30 HR bat when you remove the contract year (2020 won’t be) and the juiced ball (reportedly the ball is getting adjusted). Again basic common sense here. 4. His exit velocity actually got worse from 2018 to 2019 and he goes from 24 HR to 34. 5. Finally, you think you know more than Steamer? It’s actually a credible source unlike you and what a surprise: .284 28 HR 99 RBI 93 R 4 SB. Im line with what I’m saying.
  5. Not at all actually. He’s the type of guy who plays for money (he said in real life that he doesn’t even watch baseball because he finds it boring). Now he got it and no longer has an incentive to try. He even already won a WS, so that isn’t an incentive either. Look at the evidence, he’s been the same non-elite player for almost a decade, then suddenly has a career year at age 30, when he also happens to be in a contract year and when the ball is juiced. This guy is a bust waiting to happen.
  6. How exactly is he a power hitter? He never even came close to 30 HR until his age 30 contract year, when he also received help from a juiced ball. Even his Statcast metrics clearly show he’s not a power bar. All those players you mentioned are significantly better than him. You can’t honestly put him in the same league as Ramirez or Arenado, or think that he has more upside than Devers and Bregman. Rendon is easily one of those players who’ll disappoint anyone paying his price this year. Chapman and Suarez are easily better power hitters, have you seen their Statcast numbers? Machado is better and his statline should be similar and he’s cheaper. Both are .280+ hitters, who can steal some bases and bat at the top of the lineup to help with runs and RBI, except Machado is younger and better power wise and speed wise. You really should stop overrating Rendon based on a contract year/juiced ball year that’s far off his usual stats. Look at his stats before 2020 and tell me he’s a top 50 player.
  7. You definitely can, you’ll end up regretting getting him instead of someone more dependable.
  8. Easy pass at his price this year. High BABIP, bad home park, high chance of a sophomore slump.
  9. Let me correct that, not top 50 but going at a top 20 price.
  10. Sure not saying he’s terrible or anything, just not elite or worth his price that’s all. He‘ll probably be drafted as a top 3 3B and I would rather have Arenado, Devers, Ramirez, Bregman, Chapman, Suarez, Moncada, Machado over him. He‘ll be off the board before I would be willing to take him.
  11. What does everyone think his final line will be? Can he steal 20 bases? Hit 20 HR?
  12. They‘re looking at a fourth place finish. Houston, Texas, Oakland are all better and significantly too. I don’t think I‘m overthinking it, he’s put up the same lines his whole career and was never a top fantasy player. That was years until 2019, which happened to be as I said his contract year and juiced ball year. No chance he ever repeats this year or even comes close.
  13. Nope, .284/25-26 HR/90 RBI/85-90 R/5 SB is about what I expect and similar to what Steamer expects and it’s nothing special in my opinion. He’s good, just not great or worth the price. I’ll be targeting others for 3B and he‘d be gone by pick 100.
  14. Worst signing this offseason. His defense is no longer elite (look at his dWAR the last 2 years), had his big year in a contract year with a juiced ball, has an injury history... easy pass at any ADP that puts him in the first 100 picks.
  15. Good to see you too. Well Severino isn’t technically an ace anymore anyway lol.