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  1. I think you won based on the same logic as Kimble used.
  2. Don’t do it. Acuna is very very valuable in a dynasty and more so than them.
  3. Soroka easily. People are exaggerating Eloy. Eloy doesn’t get on base and once there’s no more juiced ball his value might as well be called the Titanic.
  4. He wins the second one easily, you win the first one.
  5. Neither trade helps you. Gray is a question mark and isn’t valuable in Colorado and in a dynasty Murphy is better than Perez. Add Voit and you’re getting fleeced faster than every team playing Houston in 2017.
  6. I don’t know to be honest. I really feel like Woodruff could be an ace but Luzardo could be one too.
  7. Both trades are pretty bad. Devers is better than Moncada and a lottery ticket and Woodruff is a legitimate ace breakout contender, Grandal has nothing to do with his success or ability. Trading him for Luzardo is not bad though not sure of the point.
  8. Happ for the wins, Archer if going by ability and potential.
  9. Probably because most media companies are owned by Democrats and they don’t want people voting for Republicans.
  10. Most people play mixed leagues, which is what I was talking about. As far as your claim, it’s pretty silly. There are bad players who no one would start in every format.
  11. Late bloomer 😉. Imagine if Whit was called that. Voit is for real and if it weren’t for his injuries last year, he would’ve had a very good year.