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  1. Not to make excuses, but that's real tough to do when you lose your top 3 RBs and a several interior linemen.
  2. Correct: If I was a Hawks fan in the moment I would have been pretty annoyed too, but it seems like it's more a case of the yellow line being off than the ref's screwing up. Even if he was short it would be really hard to get anything irrefutable given the angles we've seen. Sucks that it came down to something like that but it is what it is.
  3. I want to start a petition to make Marshawn Lynch a game day commentator.
  4. We have plenty of vitriol for both. And let's not pretend there aren't degrees of "dirty" when it comes to this kind of stuff. Not being at the level of Burfict or Gronk's hit against the Bills doesn't mean it's beyond reproach. I already said that in all likelihood that isn't the difference in the game, but it's absolutely idiotic for people to say "can't believe anyone would call that dirty," "clearly he wasn't aiming for the head," "he was a runner and didn't give himself up," "they were better off with McCown anyway" etc etc and I have zero issue calling them out on it. You can mock that all you want but you know for damn sure if the roles were reversed with Brandon Graham and Russel Wilson Seahawks fans would be just as PO'd.
  5. So your "proof" that he wasn't aiming for his head is a stillshot where his helmet is a centimeter away from Wentz's helmet and all his momentum carrying him towards it? 🤣 First it "wasn't dirty at all", then its "yeah it was dirty but he only hit the helmet cause he bounced", now it's "his shoulder hits a fraction of a second before his helmet hits so clearly he wasn't aiming there". Get real dude.
  6. He didn't "bounce" before he hit Wentz's head. The video is RIGHT there man, you can't just make things up. His shoulder and head hit at the same time. Again arguing intent is impossible, but arguing that he "obviously" wasn't aiming for his head when that's exactly what he hit is ridiculous. If he wasn't aiming for his head his aim sucks.
  7. How is that obvious? It's impossible to argue intent either way but he clearly made an adjustment at the last minute and hit Wentz in the back of his head with his helmet. Saying it's "obvious" he wasn't trying to do the thing that he clearly did seems silly.
  8. Meh firmly mediocre feeling hire but the Cowboys have talent on both sides of the ball. They didn't need a home run at HC to still do damage, just mild competence.
  9. I thought that one was just a really flagrant facemask non-call? I dunno I remember being annoyed at it wasn't called but figured it was just the only thing he could grab after Foles ducked. This one is much more egregious.
  10. Look I'll go out on a limb and say the Eagles didn't deserve to win that game with or without Wentz. The offense had next to zero offensive weapons and the had no way of stopping Metcalf. And I wouldn't even go as far as to call Clowney a dirty player cause I can't think of him having issues like that in the past. But you're out of your mind if you didn't think that wasn't a dirty hit. "Lead with his shoulder" my arse. He speared the back of Wentz's helmet as he's falling down. As far as Wentz not "giving himself up" as a runner, a head first dive by a QB is, by rule, giving himself up in the same way as a slide. Eagles literally had a 2 pt conversion overturned earlier this year because of this rule that apparently now doesn't exist. Congrats to the Seahawks. They won the game and deserved to win the game. But c'mon get real with this "bang bang play/clean hit" nonsense.
  11. I've been beating the drum for them to be punished as hard as anyone. And yeah their schedule has been cake and they have a talent deficiency on offense right now. Still though I think it's silly to count the Patriots out in the playoffs any year. Those guys usually find a way to stay competitive.
  12. If he is handed the bulk of the carries in the beginning of the year, think he's got a shot at Offensive ROY?
  13. I love Wentz but this is a tough one. Talent is undoubtable but Cowboys have had his number, Eagles are down to rookies and practice squad players at WR, and the OL is hurt. He can still put up great numbers with the deadly TE combo and Sanders but he has a ton of risk with the number of injuries and his fumble issues.