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  1. I need 11 points out of Tyler Bass to win. I put the odds at like 40%.
  2. Yeah I agree with stcharlesbears. I like Wilson and Gibson close enough this week that I would play it safe and go with the guy you know who is playing. Talent wise I like Gibson more but Wilson is the clear lead back this week for a run first team and that's not nothing.
  3. Wilson with Gibson's injury but it's pretty close. Just a sucker for SF RBs because they can get serious volume when handed the role. Gaskin is a distant third for me.
  4. So if Allen plays I start him. I know he disappointed last time but he had 10 days of recovery since and returned to practice yesterday. Full PPR the potential is too high compared to the rest IMO. After that as other pointed out it's Moss or Higgins. Most likely Moss will get carries in the low 10s with very few receptions so his ceiling is probably low unless something happens to singletary. Decent option if you have a solid lead and just want a reasonable floor. All things being equal I would lean Higgins though. Should get a bump with Boyd out meaning I would hope for double digi
  5. I would go Wilson. Yes I like Aiyuk a lot and he has been getting a lot of targets, but Kittle could be an X-factor there. Regardless of game script I view 49ers as a run-oriented team and Wilson has shown he is effective when given the opportunity. He has almost no competition.
  6. Non-PPR 12 team. Need to start one of these guys at FLEX. Used Pollard last week but assuming Zeke is back that's tough to do again. So my options are: Leveon Bell vs Atl James Conner vs Ind George Kittle @ Ari I almost always try to start RBs at FLEX in non PPR but Kittle is interesting (I have Kelce at TE which is why he would be a FLEX).
  7. Fantasy wise he looks like a stud. Real life wise he has been very impressive. Still I think there are some long term questions that Hurts needs to answer before crowning him Russell Wilson 2.0. Here's a Philly writer I like a lot talking about some potential concerns. He has shown WAY more than enough to warrant giving him the reigns for next season. But still this is something to monitor to see if he progresses. The guy is just plain fun to watch so I'm really pushing for him. Very excited to see what he can do with a full off-season as the presumptive starter.
  8. Yup. I like him a lot more as a flex play than an RB2. The volume and talent is there but the matchup and likely posting from behind doesn't help. But obviously that depends on what else you got.
  9. Yup that helps. Just pointing out that when in doubt volume is the biggest factor for me.
  10. I'm starting him over 2 guys with questionable injury/workload situations (Mostert and Conner). Might bight me in the arse but volume is king.
  11. Pollard and Wilson for me. May start Pollard over Conner and Mostert with the news Zeke is out
  12. Definitely would start Sanders after how he looked last week with Hurts at QB. The next one is tough since you're looking for upside and you're right the matchup is good, but I'm still going Robinson. It's tough but the carry share differential is just too large for me to bet on Dobbins even with the better matchup. Could easily see it going either way, but as far as upside don't overthink things too much. Robinson has had way more high scoring games than Dobbins this year.
  13. 12 team non-PPR. Looks like both will play but are coming off injury. Can start Raheem Mostert vs Dal or James Conner vs Cin. Both tasty matchups with the nod to Dallas, but Mostert has more competition with Wilson there. Conner seems to be the more limited practice participant and in a MUCH less run-friendly offense. Leaning Mostert but figured I would ask.
  14. Blah that's rough. I'd go Conner but it's close between he and Edmonds if you really don't want to.
  15. So looking like both will play now. Gonna bump this up again.
  16. Yeah we'll see. They're both questionable right now so that may make the decision easier. Thanks
  17. 12 team non-PPR. Raheem Mostert @Dal or James Conner @Cin Neither inspires a ton of confidence but at least it's just a Flex play.
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