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  1. its not that id be surprised if he has a great year...its just i like less risk in the first/early 2nd. im not taking him over Story,Soto or Arenado at that turn area. even Degrom/Verlander if you are in to taking an SP1 early
  2. no pressure. just wanted to bump this to the first page
  3. https://www.12up.com/posts/gary-sanchez-got-jacked-this-offseason-and-looks-unrecognizable-01dyzhfhdd1x best shape of his life alert!!!!
  4. yea hes been nothing but studly (offensively) when healthy. his injury was serious. only concern is if Ford and andujar really take at bats away from him.
  5. ya it doesnt mean they will just put ppl on the 10 day dl for the heck of it as the other poster implied.
  6. where are you guys looking to take in keepers/dynasty
  7. i think its silly. their goal is to make money and you make money with superstars. i think, however, if its one of those 5 day injuries, they probably will use the 10 day DL...but so does every other team.
  8. whitesox park is better? i thought MIL had one of the best hitters park. but i do agree with you otherwise. sanchez may hit 235. but he could also hit 260 with 40 homers. question with sanchez is health IMO
  9. hes much better than Grandal like the sky is blue. hes probably better than Realmuto if both are healthy and have the same at bats. but JT has proven hes more durable.
  10. so clevinger is my SP1 in all leagues now
  11. no worries. just wanted to ask some of the more active members. so we still need 2 more dos mas
  12. thats 10 any chance @tonycpsu or @brockpapersizer or anyone else (even if they were in the first) want to join?
  13. ya im fine with this. catcher, pitcher and 1 headset in the dugout
  14. if there is actually evidence i think gleyber should get a year too. but it seems only evidence is Altuve right now. im not trusting this "niece" just yet tho