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  1. Aside from a pure talent/skill standpoint, a big factor in Henry’s dominance is volume. It seems like there are other RBs who would likely put up video game numbers if they got 30+ carries/game. Durability is obviously a factor, but in this copycat league, I wonder if we’ll see a shift among other teams to try a similar approach with their elite RBs. Also, will wee see a shift toward bigger RBs in general?
  2. Holy cow, I was literally just about to post this... After years of fantasy frustration, Derrick Henry is finally an official stud fantasy RB1 heading into 2020. Which, of course, means that he’ll be drafted as such and proceed to get injured week 1, carrying on his legacy of frustration.
  3. Yup. Fantasy football is a random game of pure chance and luck, nothing more. We love football and competition so we want FF to be a game in which effort, skill, knowledge, etc is rewarded with victory but it really is nothing more than a senseless crapshoot. Last year I traded Mahomes mid-season for a haul of players that stacked my already strong lineup. I then had Brees at QB, 3 RB1’s, 3 of the top 5 WRs, a stud TE, and studs on my bench. It was by far the best team I ever had in my 20 years of playing. It honestly seemed like an unbeatable team. Sure enough, Brees inexplicably craps the bed in a cake matchup, Hunt gets suspended, Conner got hurt or something, etc. Just everything went wrong and I lost in round one of the playoffs to a team that wasn’t half as good as mine. It became clear to me then that FF is a joke and an absolute waste of time. Still, I played again this year, made a couple good offseason trades (dynasty), and actually improved what was already an incredibly stacked team from last year. Our commissioner does a season preview every year and ranks all 12 teams, etc. He described my team as “unbeatable”, with top studs at every position and studs on the bench. It legitimately looked like a team that could go undefeated. You’ll never guess what happened....didn’t even make the playoffs this time. Early season injuries, inexplicable let downs, great matchups senselessly backfiring, etc. Easily the most unenjoyable fantasy season ever. Meanwhile, teams that looked like a joke preseason are still playing. And yes, I’m aware and active on the waiver wire, trading, etc all season long. I’m probably the most active owner in the league which makes it all the more frustrating. The last two seasons have made it beyond clear that winning and losing in FF has zero to do with who you draft, who you trade for, who you pick up, or anything like that. Matchups are meaningless, projections are meaningless, research is meaningless. Winning and losing at FF comes down to sheer luck and randomness, nothing more.
  4. So in 2020 you’ll draft Christian Kirk ahead of Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, Deandre Hopkins, etc? Not implying that’s a mistake, just curious.
  5. So, essentially there are roughly a dozen or so fantasy players that we can safely assume won’t bone us on a random weekly basis. Theoretically, in a 12 team league each team would get about one consistently good fantasy performer which would sort if even out. Thus, fantasy success would be decided by utter randomness and luck.
  6. What happened? AJ found new employment. He got himself a new job, and with it came an Italian leather bound briefcase in which resides nothing more than an ulna, radius, and the finest lube money can buy.
  7. Meet Nicky Bonejobs. You love him, you support him, you defend him, you stand by him. Then, just when you least expect it.....femur up the yoohoo. We still love you Nicky B.
  8. Mikey Bonejobs strikes again, this time with the vengeance of a thousand kings. I think I can still taste the ivory on the back of my tongue.
  9. Sorry, but that makes no sense whatsoever. How exactly does one understand and manage randomness? Are you suggesting Mike Evans and Chris Godwin should not be owned? Or that they should be owned, but somehow the randomness of their fantasy performances should somehow be manageable by skilled fantasy owners?
  10. I don’t know, I imagine few were projecting Peyton Barber outscoring Evans at any time on any day of the week, ever.
  11. Hey, I just came up with a new nickname for Peyton Barber.....”Bonejob” Barber. I haven’t received a bonin’ like this since the last time I ordered a porterhouse.
  12. I’m no statistical expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure feels like my Mike Evans being outscored by my opponent’s Peyton Barber 15-2 midway through the second quarter has more to do with bad luck than skill. Or perhaps I should’ve seen this coming, and benched Mike Evans or something? Though, that still wouldn’t have protected me from the mighty Peyton Barber.
  13. Or McCoy fumbles early and gets benched while Darrel goes on to finish with 150 total yards and 2 TDs.