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  1. It could be they like Jones and plan to keep him, but don’t think he’ll hold up under a heavy workload long term. So rather than run him into the ground they drafted Dillon to be the Thunder to Jones lightning in a committee.
  2. With regards to CEH’s fantasy relevance in 2020, this is probably the most important sentence ftom his scouting report: “He has the talent to become a good, three-down back in time, but needs to improve in pass protection.“ With what figures to be a very limited training camp, this could very well limit his upside in 2020.
  3. Last year, Rodgers had weeks of: 422/2 (week 4) 429/5 (Week 7) 305/3 (Week 8) 243/4 (week 13) 323/2 (Week 17) Granted, there were plenty of stinkers as well, but the talent and ability are clearly still there. Devante Adams was out weeks 5-8, which included two of Rodgers best games. So even without his #1 WR, and left only with the lack of weapons we keep referring to, he put up great fantasy numbers in weeks 7 & 8. In fact, weeks 4-8 likely had many in this forum declaring Rodgers is still elite. To me, this is enough to indicate that Rodgers can still be a fantasy stud with the weapons he has, and they did add a big target in Funchess who could help in the red zone, bumping Rodgers TDs up a bit. If they add a speed guy like Ross, or some other field stretcher Rodgers could definitely have a bounce back season given the extra motivation he now has.
  4. I agree that there isn’t much reason to expect huge fantasy numbers from Rodgers this year, with one caveat...Drafting Jordan Love just might motivate Rodgers to be laser focused on proving he’s still the man. NE drafting Jimmy G certainly seemed to light a fire under Brady. Spiting LaFluer could be just the motivation Rodgers needs to bring out his best.
  5. does this play out? GB obviously knew Rodgers would be upset when instead of drafting a WR (again) they opted for a QB of all things. An odd strategy, particularly since trading Rodgers seems almost impossible at this time. So, what kind of QB will an upset Aaron Rodgers be? Will the drafting of his replacement motivate him to play at the top of his game? Will he fall victim to a run heavy scheme, or will he simply audible at will and throw as much as he sees fit? Or, will Rodgers sulk all season, and play poorly? Could he actually make things so difficult that it results in his benching? Or could he figure out a way to shoot his way out of town despite the uphill trade scenario, and be a star on another team?
  6. I’m not debating anything about 2019. I’m on to 2020. 😉
  7. What part was I “wrong” about? Being an “RB1” means nothing other than finishing top 12 at the position. Jones may very well finish in the top 12 and still be inconsistent on a weekly basis. I could also see him finishing as an RB2, which is only the difference of a few points.
  8. Sure, but GB just added another RB in the 2nd round. A pounder, a very different type of RB than Jones. Many think the Dillon signing indicates that Jones is gone next year, but I’m not so sure. Imo, it looks like GB wants to lessen the wear and tear on Jones for the long term and go with more of a committee using Dillon for the tough yards, likely including goal line.
  9. Problem is, we don’t get fantasy points for split percentage. Most of Jones fantasy success last year was due to TDs. Seems likely that the 6’ 247lb Dillon will be the guy punching in many of those TDs this year, rather than pounding the relatively smallish Jones. Everyone expected a TD regression for Jones before GB took Dillon with their 2nd pick. The Dillon pick virtually guarantees it. Jones will still be productive, but with a healthy Williams and now Dillon to contend with, hard to see Jones coming anywhere close to what he did last year. Going to be very fantasy-inconsistent without all those TDs.
  10. I don’t. Jones fantasy success last year was tied largely to his TDs. Packers just drafted a 6’ 247lb power back in the second round. You think they might use him at the goal line instead of pounding the relatively smallish Jones?
  11. @Evincar, my apologies for this reply. I believe I misinterpreted your intent.
  12. Why cheapen your post with an unnecessary “lol” at the end?
  13. A dip in volume is easily overcome by far more TD opportunities. 1 TD makes up for lots of volume. You can’t really think that Fournette’s fantasy production would be better on a crappy JAX offense than an awesome KC offense. Would Zeke being traded to JAX be cause for Zeke owners to celebrate?