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  1. Ok, let me see if I understand... You think the offer is ridiculous, and you don’t like receiving ridiculous offers, so in an effort to dissuade people from sending you ridiculous offers you employ a tactic by which you feign contemplation thus convincing the sender of the ridiculous offer that it wasn’t ridiculous at all, but in fact an offer worthy of your contemplation.
  2. Here’s a question for the trade ignorers- If someone sends you a trade and you refuse to respond because you think it’s so bad, wouldn’t the other owner assume you’re actually interested in the offer and considering accepting as opposed to trying to fantasy punish them? Wouldn’t your punishment actually be sending the opposite signal? You’re not rejecting it, so the offer must be good enough for you to still be contemplating it. Your refusal to reject may actually be encouraging more similarly bad offers. How is the other owner supposed to distinguish legit contemplation from fantasy punishment?
  3. But you already are giving that manager the time when you view and consider the trade offer. How much more time does hitting reject take? Refusing to reply to trade offers as some kind of fantasy punishment or something is just weird.
  4. I get bad offers just like that all the time. We all do. Doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, I appreciate literally every trade offer I receive because it at least tells me this person is open to trading vs some lame owners who simply refuse to participate in trading at all. Any trade offer no matter how bad is an opportunity to improve your team. Ignoring trade offers is wasting opportunities. A terrible trade offer can often be used to your advantage. When I get an offer like that I simply tap “reject” which takes about a millisecond. Then I use the knowledge that the other owner is interested in my player(s) and send a counter offer. I’m happy to go back & forth like this until we agree on a deal that improves both teams. If not, no biggie. Trade negotiations are fun, even when it doesn’t amount to a trade. Trade negotiations can tell you a lot about how an owner values many of his players and yours. Ignoring trade offers doesn’t help you in any way whatsoever.
  5. Let me get this do have time to research players, draft, make waiver wire moves, set lineups, and view trade offers, but your time can’t be wasted tapping “reject”? It obviously has absolutely nothIng to do with wasting your time. If you’re so worried about wasting your time why are you playing fantasy football at all? Intentionally refusing to respond to a trade offer out of spite is a weird passive-aggressive move that means you take fantasy football way too personally and/or seriously.
  6. I honestly don’t understand being “insulted” by a trade offer and therefore refusing to accept/reject/counter. I can understand thinking a trade offer is terrible, but the owner sending the offer likely isn’t trying to rip you off, he simply values his players more than you do, and/or doesn’t value your player as highly as you do. Do you really think an owner would intentionally send you an offer that you’d be insulted by? How would that benefit them? Why would anyone do that? Just reject it or use it as an opportunity to counter with something that helps your team. Sometimes players just have wildly different potential outcomes and therefore dramatically different values in the eyes if each owner. What about CeeDee Lamb in a dynasty/keeper league? What’s his current value? He’s a top10 dynasty WR in most rankings, looked great from the word go in his rookie season. Then he loses Dak, then Dalton. What’s his value now? Owner A might still value him as a can’t miss top 10 WR for the next 10 years despite the QB concerns, while Owner B thinks it’s over for CeeDee based on his QB situation. So a trade offer involving Lamb between Owner A and Owner B is going to be viewed very differently by each owner. Owner B might think “This guy’s trying to dump Lamb on me”, but owner A thinks Lamb is a Dynasty WR1. It gets even murkier depending on where each owner’s team stands this year. Competing for a Championship? Or rebuilding? The point is, don’t think everyone is trying to rip you off all the time. Most trade offers are sent with good intentions, and in the spirit of having fun with this silly hobby.
  7. Just because someone is offering a player in trade doesn’t mean they’re “trying to get rid of a player”. It could just be a matter of roster needs. If I’m loaded at WR but thin at RB, offering WRX for RBX doesn’t mean I’m trying to get rid of WRX. But your post speaks volumes in terms of owners being paranoid about “losing” a trade.
  8. Player values vary dramatically from owner to owner. What you see as trade rape might seem like a legit offer to someone else. Why not counter with an offer you think makes more sense instead of the “no response” tactic?
  9. Every league I’ve ever been in has certain owners who seem to simply ignore trade offers. They don’t accept, they don’t reject, they don’t counter. The trade offer just sits there, unresponded to until I eventually withdraw it out of frustration. They certainly don’t send out any trade offers. To them, trading is essentially nonexistent. Can any of you relate to this? Are any of you this type of serial non-trader? If so, why? To me, trading is one of the best parts of FF, so it’s difficult to understand why an owner would intentionally ignore that aspect of the game.
  10. Why are you so hung up on how many games I’ve watched? Numbers don’t lie, and they don’t change based on whether or not I watch him play. And while numbers certainly don’t tell the whole story, they do tell quite a bit of it. Weeks 1-3 he was putting up elite fantasy numbers. Since then he’s been average at best. He no longer looks like the set and forget QB we hoped he was after week 3, and Im sure I’m not the only Josh Allen owner who doesn’t feel super confident about starting him vs NE next week. So yes, I think it’s fair to say that fantasy-wise, he has regressed from looking like an elite top 5 fantasy QB to looking like a QB you can no longer be confident starting. 312/2/0, 57/1 415/4/0, 19/0 311/4/1, 8/1 288/2/0, -1/1 263/2/2, 18/0 122/2/1, 42/0 307/0/0, 61/0
  11. True, though Allen didn’t look great the two games prior so it’s understandable that people (like me) might assume he played poorly again. 9 drives stalled for 8 FG attempts and a turnover is concerning.
  12. Thanks for this info. Like I said, I wasn’t able to watch Buffalo yesterday. Sounds like Allen played better than I thought which is encouraging. Still a disappointing fantasy day, but at least that puts it into context.
  13. What part of my post makes you laugh? And which part was inaccurate? No, I didn’t actually see the play where Allen fumbled near the goal line. I also never blamed it on Allen. The bottom line is that it was just one of many opportunities to score that he/they were unable to capitalize on for whatever reason, and some of the blame must go on Allen. I wasn’t able to watch the Bills yesterday, but I did watch them vs TEN & KC, and Allen did not look very good in those games. You want to blame it all on the ineffective rushing game, but HOU has the worst avg rush ypg in the NFL, yet Watson still finds a way to be productive and score TDs. CIN averages just 1 rushing yard per game more than BUF, yet Burrow was still able to throw for 400 yards and 3 TDs yesterday.
  14. Unbelievable how quickly Allen has regressed from looking like an elite top 5 fantasy QB to looking like a QB you can no longer be confident starting. I’m not buying that it’s because John Brown is out. It’s not like Brown is elite. Allen’s production shouldn’t change this dramatically just because John Brown is out. Particularly when considering his last two matchups should’ve been fantasy gold. Next week he gets NE, which should be another dud. It’s really disappointing too, because Allen is a fun guy to root for, and very exciting to watch when he’s playing well. Unfortunately it seems like he’s either on fire or completely off his game, even in a prime matchup vs the lowly Jets. 8 FG attempts and a turnover near the goal line. Zero TDs. Hard to make sense of that considering the way he was playing just a few weeks ago.
  15. What do you get when you mix God with yogurt?...........’nuff said.