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  1. Did you just compare Jordan freaking Howard to the notoriety as the greatest basketball to play the game??? Wooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww....
  2. I'll be playing whether Cook plays or not. Upside is too high in case Cook has to leave the game again and should get more touches than usual regardless.
  3. Hoping he can break just one. I'd be thrilled with a 5/80/1 line against this matchup.
  4. Coaching staff should recognize that this guy is key to their playoff hopes and rest him against a weak Detroit team at home. They should be able to handle the Lions without Cook, especially if Thielen is able to return. Mattison obviously isn't Cook but he can hold down the fort for a week against a bad team.
  5. Alshon is my WR 5 behind Hill/Adams/Lockett/Kirk and Everett is my TE2 behind Andrews. Would you drop either for Samuel?
  6. What play did it happen on? The kick return at the end?
  7. A "Hawks" road win. No Kittle, No Kwon. I think the undefeated magic dries up this week. It has been the week of upsets so far so let's keep this train rolling!
  8. I think as the weather gets colder and Wynn returns that Michel may have a chance to turn his season around down the stretch.
  9. [...] TB coming off the bye so maybe they've been able to correct some things in their pass defense that could limit Jonnu's opportunities.
  10. 0.5 PPR, assuming both Jared Cook and Delanie Walker are out this week. Who's the better start?
  11. It ain't happening this week guys. Let's hope next week.
  12. He's been practicing like every day for the past 2 weeks but apparently his knee isn't healing enough to allow him to make cuts.
  13. This has been infuriating with this guy. How many weeks in a row can he get in limited practice each day of the week without showing improvement? Why didn't they IR him if he had such a significant knee injury???