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  1. Dropped Shenault in my 12 teamer but there are comparable WR on the wire (Cooks, Jeudy, Patrick, P. Williams) that I'd be happy to replace Shenault with if Brown doesn't pan out. Low risk.
  2. Do teams need to wait until the suspension is over before they signed him or could he like sign today potentially?
  3. So frustrating. If it isn't one thing it is another with this guy. He is perpetually off the field and blowing a golden opportunity to make an impact on this team and be a solid FFB contributor.
  4. On the injury report today as a "DNP- ankle".....What's up with that?????
  5. About zero. JAX actually has to report him as a RB on its official depth chart.
  6. I'm not sure why it's unreasonable to expect he should get 15 touches with an outside chance for 20. That's playable in pretty much any league for the next few weeks.
  7. I think the team has to report him on the depth chart as a RB. That was what happened with TyMont when GB was battling a bunch of RB injuries.
  8. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-rumors-49ers-cautiously-optimistic-202539405.html
  9. I'm going Bucs at home against the Panthers. I think this is a bouceback for them after the Saints game.
  10. Just to try and help OBJ owners to take one step back from the ledge, yesterday was obviously not the production anyone was looking for but every WR has a bad week during the season. Not saying OBJ is going to be a WR1 this year but in Week 4 of his two best seasons 2015/2016 he went 5-12 targets, 38 yds, 0TD in 2015 and 3-9 targets, 23 yds, 0TD in 2016. If he's healthy, like he's saying he is, the production will follow the volume.
  11. You don't think Indy, Phlly, Jacksonville, and NYJ wouldn't atleast be kicking the tires? I think 4 teams sounds pretty reasonable. Even add Houston depending on how bad Duke is hurt.
  12. Don't vets often get signed after Week 1 so that their contracts don't have to be guaranteed for the remainder of the year? I imagine we'll be hearing something on him come Tuesday/Wednesday.