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  1. Jason you can have a team, need an email for invite thanks
  2. that's fine, thanks for responding
  3. Ososo I would love you in our league, little bit different but will even get lm powers for a short while and maybe longer.
  4. as you can see on the home page the owners are being active but the three players we need to replace. I have not used my lm powers to post. If you join you will have lm powers also up to draft time
  5. This is an old league that I decided to give up as lm. I have opened it up to all the remaining owners to decide how they want to run it.We need a few players to make it fun again.If interested just ask.
  6. thanks senghl01 that's what I did with chatroll. Like I say its a work around. Getting the guys to change is harder than you think
  7. I found a work around Its not perfect but it works. you can see it at hit the chatroll link and chat with me maybe we can figure this out
  8. join the fun
  9. shoe you you wnt in we could always need a shue and shoe and converse

  10. the team is ju ju juice lol I will send the invite as a second owner. if you want the team just say so and we will delete the owner thanks
  11. I could use a knew owner I will send invite to you as a second owner if you want in just delete the original owner or I will