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  1. Henderson looks awesome, but annoying that the TD run got pulled back by a hold. On a positive note, I own Woods in my big-money league where I started ARod, so that TD helps there!
  2. I was ready to blame him, but it's partly Ryan's fault and partly a great play by Amos.
  3. I'm convinced that Ridley and Zaccheus swapped jerseys before the game
  4. Williams is such a mediocre runner. They should just toss him out there as a WR and let AJ do the running.
  5. Ravens fan here and you'd be correct. Hollywood is consistently cooking his defender, Lamar's touch is just off on his deep ball compared to even last year. Hollywood is a bit risky because the Ravens aren't a pass first team, but I'd absolutely be buying low in leagues where owners are concerned.
  6. As bad as Kelley looked today, the Bucs rush D is probably the best in the NFC. And Jackson looked even worse. Moving forward, I'm planning on starting this guy while Ekeler is out.
  7. Yep, their only good drive of the day (albeit in garbage time) was when he was heavily targeted. That TD reception was a thing of beauty too. This guy is an elite WR stuck with two awful QB options. I dream of him ending up in Houston with Watson throwing to him.
  8. Great things happen when the Bears actually target him, go figure.
  9. Well, with Fant's injury I've gotta start this guy. Yikes.
  10. That dropped lateral at the end should definitely be his fumble by the way, not Allen's. But agreed with the above comment - vintage Ekeler game. Really high floor because of that receiving volume.