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  1. Adams goes down to a knee contusion, but Noel also being hurt means he didn't get to benefit fantasy wise 😑 Definitely a situation worth monitoring moving forward.
  2. Yahoo has him at 45% ownership, but of the 8 leagues I'm in, he's available in 0. So he's probably long gone unless everyone is sleeping at the wheel.
  3. Looking like a real dynasty and keepers gem, and even carving out redraft value faster than I expected!
  4. Nice to see him still scoring even when his three pointer isn't falling.
  5. Seconded. It's a dynasty, and his current numbers are quite weak.
  6. He's also only 22, I could think of much worse dynasty stashes than DJJ. In a redraft, sure, you can probably afford to cut him for the hot hand.
  7. Yep, I cut with this news in a redraft. Sadly, with Noel out too, you're not going to be able to get even close to Isaac's production in one player on the waiver wire. The best you can do is try and cover the lost stocks with two specialists (like Dunn and Gafford from the Bulls), but this loss hurts.
  8. Jackson is still out indefinitely. I could definitely see Brown holding on to a starting spot even with Kennard returning, with DRose coming in hot off the bench. I think Svi is the one whose minutes will suffer most.
  9. This is honest-to-god one of my team names. I thought I was being original and clever too!
  10. Is anyone else seeing major similarities to Fred VanVleet in DDV this year? Great defender, can shoot, was a winner in college but flew under the radar in the NBA draft. I'm aggressively hunting him everywhere that he's available where I have low end guys to cut, and in a dynasty I'd say he's a must stash. Wesley Matthews shouldn't really be starting and I doubt he will be beyond this season.
  11. In a league I'm in, I am the owner of a 12-2 team for the season and by far the highest scoring team in my league for the year. In my semi, my opponent starts Drake and currently has 151 points (0.5 ppr, 2 WR 2 RB 1 Flex 1 QB 1 TE) and counting. AMA