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  1. Guaranteed a rotation spot to start the year, and has seen a notable uptick in velocity this ST. He's only 29 years old and has had extended stretches of dominance in years gone by, so he's one of my favourite late-round draft targets this year. How does everyone else feel about Wood?
  2. Ah. Well I'd assume that Beasley is long gone in all competitive leagues. As for Shake vs Coby, the former has more opportunity in the short term at least.
  3. Isn't Monk suspended for PED's/recreational drugs?
  4. One bad game after a month of very good production. It happens - I'm not panic dropping.
  5. Shake Milton is the future. When Simmons (eventually) returns, do you reckon he could play the 2 alongside him? A lineup of Simmons/Milton/Richardson/Harris/Embiid with Horford off the bench looks like their most dangerous lineup when healthy.
  6. I really enjoyed watching Bruno play when he got some extended run with the Grizz. I think he'd be a perfect fit at the 5 with these Rockets. Whether D'Antoni opts to go that route however, is up in the air. I'll be paying close attention to the Warriors game.
  7. 24 year old former top prospect coming off a .291 hitting season with 33/12 HR's/Steals? I'd say that's pretty studly to me.
  8. On Reddit, Yahoo mentioned that they'd be reviewing Oubre's case for PF eligibility over the ASB, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
  9. On Reddit, Yahoo mentioned that they're looking into giving Oubre PF eligibility after the ASB.
  10. This is absolutely disgusting. Trae is better than the majority of these cats...
  11. A lot of people, myself included, would've dropped Dedmon for Richaun Holmes many moons ago. Now with the latest Holmes news, the irony is that I know some people are tossing up whether to drop Holmes for Dedmon. "You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me." - Dewayne "Thanos" Dedmon.
  12. Only have the one share...I did not have the patience that many of you seemed to exhibit. Kudos to the masses who have multiple shares of Baby KAT.
  13. This guy was somehow available in my dynasty league. He looks like another Raptors gem. Even if this year, his numbers take a big hit when the Raptors are healthy, I'm loving his outlook for the next few years and beyond.
  14. If the Pistons traded Andre freaking Drummond for a bag of peanuts, I doubt that they let Markieff cut into Thon's minutes. They probably want to see what they've got in their young talent this year.
  15. Already ruled out of tomorrow's clash