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  1. I doubt it will happen as the virus will still be around then with no vaccine. Players would all have to leave their family for the full duration of a season to play. There is also no definitive proof that warm weather will slow this at all as of now. If it acted like a normal virus maybe, but there are things it does already that nobody understands (why is our youth mostly unaffected compared to the flu which kills the young). I believe SARS' original outbreak ramped up through the summer months as well, and that's what this is closest to. This is like a less deadly SARS that spreads easier than the flu.
  2. Don't forget the virus can live on a surface for hours so between each set when they switch sides you have to completely sanitize the court.
  3. Now I’m rooting for Chris Davis to get 600 more ks in his career and make a run at it. I’d think with the rising k numbers that one has a shot to get broken in the future.
  4. We have nobody who would even be able to supervise testing conditions such as that. Nobody would get tested. They’d just go to work.
  5. Honestly I don’t see how we can relax any restrictions until either a vaccine hits the market or the numbers of severe cases are down a significant amount, and even then you’re just asking for another peak which shuts everything down again without the vaccine. Our country couldn’t afford to lift anything and have it get worse than it was. There would be riots. Also, have you seen where the swab goes for the test? Nobody is gonna wanna do that everyday on the way to work.
  6. Rickey Henderson’s career stolen base total. No way someone is ever touching that. 1406 for Rickey, 2nd all time is 938 by Lou Brock.
  7. Maybe more if you consider deaths from things like welding doors shut.
  8. Minimizing things like this just lead to it being worse. People need to understand that until there is either a definitive cure or a vaccine relaxing social distancing standards will just lead to a new outbreak. The number one thing is to keep our hospitals from being overrun. If they get overcrowded the death numbers will spike too.
  9. First off, never believe any of the Chinese statistics. They are saying they are fine and have no new cases yet closing down theaters and such again. They are in the midst of a second peak and yet the statistics they are showing the world say they are recovered. They are blatantly hiding the numbers so their populace doesn’t revolt (IMO)
  10. Real quick in that journal find any statistics past the 26th of February for me. I read the entire thing. They bring that specific date up about three or four times but no other later date. You know what that means right? All data was collected that day or earlier. You are basing your opinion on something that was actually written over a month ago when as it states: ... a total of 2918 cases had been confirmed in 37 other countries or territories. As well as this: Community spread in the United States could require a shift from containment to mitigation strategies such as social distancing in order to reduce transmission. Such strategies could include isolating ill persons (including voluntary isolation at home), school closures, and telecommuting where possible This was actually written in February before any schools were even closed in the US and we had no guidelines on social distancing, it was just published the 26th of March.
  11. Your citation and quote you posted literally said it was akin the flu. Don’t see how it’s a straw man to point that out. You saying you don’t have a post with that quote directly in it about a page back?
  12. Oh we have. It’s the same thing with the seasonal flu though. Statistics for that only account for those who have tested positive for the flu. How many times have you had the flu and actually have been tested? So that variable is considered controlled already when speaking of the death rates of two viruses that spread similarly. Difference is, with the same rate of spread covid kills over ten times as much.
  13. Ya, you quoted the medical journal therefore I’m quoting what you are saying. This doesn’t have the same death rate as the flu is the point. It’s at LEAST ten times higher and listed as such by both the CDC and WHO. So with what you are projecting for multiply deaths by ten. That’s the point. This isn’t the flu. It’s much, much deadlier and by posting false info like that the death rate is similar when that’s been proven patently false is arguing in bad faith.
  14. Might wanna scroll back to my first post today quoting backdoor. Where it says covid is.