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  1. Ah thought they both signed deals in the similar 10m per. Forgot, Albies was more like 5m.
  2. Aren’t Albies and Snell paid essentially about the same?
  3. Some players get paid 5k per day if there isn’t a season. Think they will be fine.
  4. Florida tops about 40 states in numbers...
  5. Proof of legitimacy of that email. A random extreme right winger is who you voted for it. Where’s your proof an easily faked document isn’t fake? I could make that email on my computer in two minutes.
  6. Well she was the creator of the states database. Any proof outside of a random guy on Twitter, especially an extremely right wing random guy?
  7. Florida apparently cooking numbers too:
  8. My post was about the 1800 new cases in one day being their highest ever. Had nothing to do with hospital capacity.
  9. So from the day before yesterday? Still relevant to the number of cases going up.
  10. Largest spike ever for a day yet it seems.
  11. It could very well be over a handful of cases in 32 of the 254 Texas counties that haven’t reported even one test. You think it’s not a big deal when 1/8th of Texas hasn’t reported one test? That seems like a pretty big deal. Their numbers are going off with that level of unreporting.
  12. It’s the DSHS site. They wouldn’t post numbers in a neighboring county unless the person sick was a resident of that county. At least that’s what the majority of states are doing. They have over 10% of all counties in Texas as completely reporting absolutely no testing done at all or any positive residents. I don’t see how that can be anything BUT undercounting and skewing numbers with how prevalent this has been. There is absolutely no way all those counties haven’t even tested a singular person.
  13. I already posted my citation. It was the state ran site. Wouldn’t exactly be the first red state to report in a way to make them look like they are doing better than they are. *stares at Georgia* Also, if your numbers are different, why is the state DSHS site off? It’s the one place state to state which should be correct in this.
  14. They aren’t just not reporting positive cases. They aren’t reporting ANYTHING. As in, based on their reports they have given exactly 0 tests in 32 counties.
  15. So you’re saying over 32 counties not one person has been tested? Because they aren’t reporting a thing.