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  1. Sorry read it wrong. Thought you meant 5 keepers. In that case Keep Hiura over Bieber.
  2. What's silly? Was not "arguing" just giving my opinion. I had just said well I can just put bellinger there and maybe keep Thor. if you ask you get an answer. no need to come off the way you are being. When someone says they can't stand it when people post questions like this it comes off as rude. Noah was great and can still be great only 27.
  3. AVG is dipping and league doesn't count OBP/OPS
  4. All i am asking is do you do the trade? short. simple. Who do you value more in a dynasty league.
  5. I would never do that trade. Keep Story. Has much more value. Trade Machado or something.
  6. Both are great but Snell is the safer bet.
  7. Soroka will start striking more guys out this year i think.
  8. Anderson now that he has the closer role.
  9. I just fell like Noah is gonna put it all together with his new work out regime and be the Ace he was meant to be. 1B I can always plug Bellinger in and pick up another OF or vice-versa.
  10. Bo Bichette Luis Robert Walker Buehler Shane Bieber Keston Hiura
  11. Morton may retire next year though right? I would keep sale and hope he has a big 1st half and then trade him for 2 better keepers. Selling low on him right now.
  12. Keep Paddack over Realmuto. Catchers are blehh