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  1. I would like to think that by diverting this threads trajectory away from wild speculation (courtesy of you), I've done this thread a great service.
  2. I not being malicious. We need to hold ourselves to a higher standard in regard to injury analysis. I come in here for player and injury updates. I expect to see reasonable posts based on available evidence. Someone needs to post to refute your analysis, it has to be done. This is how I've done so
  3. yeah comments based on pure speculation and conjecture are spot on. All I'm reading is "I have no idea how severe his injury is because no body does but I'm going to exaggerate the extent thereof because I have nothing better to do this morning"
  4. thanks for sharing your opinion with this thread. Sounds like speculation at best. you're a great asset to the rotoworld forums. If you're bored, instead of posting nonsense, how about get a hobby thread should be closed so that I don't have to read this claptrap any longer
  5. Indeed. I personally derived great pleasure from that grammatical revision. However, I believe the change went from "were" to "where," which is very intriguing.
  6. hmmm....did he reenter the game not only that very same drive but only a couple plays later? And your post made it seem like he literally was going to be out of the game and maybe headed to concussion protocol. Show some poise next time. Your post, in hindsight, was absurd
  7. little dramatic all things considered . What is wrong with you. Watch the game or something.
  8. Must not enjoy playing football that much. 15M on the Steelers, teammate with AB, and SB contenders
  9. leave email if interested. Free. Standard 5X5 roto. ESPN
  10. mods delete this thread it is scam...there is no way that link is legit or that these posts arent coming from the same person