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  1. anyone know what velocity was at? read it was down a little last start, and only 1 K today.
  2. Or maybe in June we will see his good May was just that, a good May. /shrug
  3. Hm, I feel like it's um a little early to be discussing a career ruining concussion...
  4. Thanks for sharing this. This is good info. How did you come to know Corbin Burnes so intimately to know his mental make up? I always find it cool hearing stories from people who know athletes personally.
  5. His WHIP isn't great so those HRs can hurt. As far as his strikeouts, I worry about his swinging strike rate %. It's near 8%-9% and his overall K % is 24% so one or the other has to start moving.
  6. you are correct. some people can handle pressure some people cannot. unfortunately we cannot know with any significant certainty who those people are. all speculation no substance. we do not know these players on a personal level.
  7. unless any of us are able to acquire a masters degree in psychology, open our own practice, refine our practice over decades, and cross our fingers (insert closer) walks in for an appointment to be psychologically evaluated... it’s all speculation with no basis and should be ignored. ”Closer A was bad today. Because this happened I will conclude He’s a weak minded individual!” I’m sure there are baseball players that handle stress better than others. but we will never be able to say with any certainty.
  8. Can you send invites to Tyler_Scherrer00@yahoo.com ryn_mcmanaman@yahoo.com tscherrer2@yahoo.com also include league rules. thanks!
  9. I just joined, and pass league on to 2 people I know. I will pay once I see others have joined, don't want to lock up $200.00 and it end up falling through.
  10. Damn sorry, I thought I would get an email notification lol I will PM you the emails now.
  11. How many owners are you looking for? I have myself and 2 others.
  12. he has had slightly below league average skills this year. do you feel lucky? if so start him.
  13. So is this a rule? The same way gravity is a rule? Josh donaldson missed 6 weeks in 2017. then went on to hit 31 HRs rest of season.
  14. ha i hear you. opinions are good! we should all have them. we just don’t need to form them immediately after something happens.
  15. I understand the idea that we take the information we have, 2 innings, and that’s all we can go by. I recently came to the realization, and this has been very liberating to me, that we do not need to have an opinion on everything.we have a choice we can make before making any decisions or forming opinions. We do not need to say, one way or the other, whether 3 Hrs in 2 innings in concerning or not concerning. ? what if i told you that back on 5/18/13 Jansen gave up 2 Hrs in 1 game! less than 2 innings. in just 2 outs!
  16. We have no idea why Hinch used Osuna and Rondon the way he did. saying anything one way or the other is projecting and retrofitting the outcomes around our biases. until the decision maker and thought process owner AJ hinch makes a decision... if you are able to roster 1 of these guys then do it. if you are able to roster both then do it. we can sit here and debate but no one knows anything and trying to predict anything in life other than what goes up must come down is futile. we know nothing. Osuna and Rondon should both be owned until further notice.
  17. Denard Span, Kyle Seager, Ryon Healy. Yep that’s the best the mariners have to offer lol
  18. More and more of baseball teams have moved to using the best relievers vs the best hitters regardless of inning. Except, apparently, the most analytically minded team the Astros want to stick relievers to specific innings. It really feels like we are looking backwards and trying to craft a narrative around what happened. No one knows what’s going to happen and it’s all a guessing game. A closer is the closer until he is not the closer.
  19. Or maybe the A’s just wanted rondon to pitch against the opponents best hitters Khris Davis and Matt Olsen and no roles have actually changed at all!! ?‍♂️
  20. lmao um Osuna didn’t even pitch yesterday. you are reading too much into this one occurrence.
  21. His highest HR/FB% in the minors was ~10.0%. His MLB HR/FB% is ~18.0%. Maybe that comes down some, but the baseballs are also different.
  22. being on the bench can’t even stop him.
  23. He's played 8/9 last days, maybe just a rest day?
  24. Not sure how to post just a pic of the graph, but here is a 15 game rolling average for Nimmo https://www.fangraphs.com/graphs.aspx?playerid=12927&position=OF&statArr=35,102,107&legend=1,2,3&split=base&time=game&ymin=&ymax=&dStatArray=&start=2018&end=2018&rtype=single&gt1=15 His O Swing has not gone up, his contact has not gone down. It's just his K is inflated lately. Are we sure we should be concerned here? Nothing has changed in his discipline or contact.