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  1. Me of little faith. I think I saw Penny get red zone work. It was the RZC so I didnt see much of the game
  2. won the $500 pool for my post points in my 12 team ppr team was red hot going into the playoffs, top score every week the last 3 weeks (+$50 each) i would have had a first round bye if wentz had scored 4 more points vs seahawks instead: TNF kamara injured, julio very lame performance Started alex smith over russell wilson because duh. Lost out on 25.72, lost by 27.02 the other guys team didnt even have a good week but my whole team blew except one (a wasted HOF performance from bell for 40 pts)- larry fitz, mike davis, benched kerwynn williams and darkwa because of matchups. on friday night i cut corey coleman because the forecast said 25 mph in cleveland for sunday. i picked up two guys with great matchups to start as my last 2 flex (out of 3) - stephen anderson and ASJ. on sunday morning abdullah was suprisingly announced out so i swapped in tion green for ASJ, due to great matchup and gut feeling. didn't expect riddick to get almost all the touches. dst was a real tough call, very few good options, i considered GB, NYJ, PIT, ARI but went with CIN (2 pts) So in summary, I probably overthought the hell out of this one. When Kamara went down thursday night I sort of freaked out. But the outcome would have been the same unless I started Russ over Alex, and I honestly didn't even consider that seriously at any point during the week. If Alex had sucked last week as he has for a while, I probably would have started Russ, but that move alone wouldn't have been enough to give me the W. Not that pissed because I won the points pool + $50 each week for the last 3 weeks for most points, so I'm not coming away empty handed. Sorry for long post..CSB
  3. no one with a clue would have started jesse james he runs such a small number of routes per game. let alone actual targets
  4. you thought the guy who never has good games would have a good game for some reason? that's some good thinking
  5. 100% he just had 2 guys open for dump offs, bell and james and went james
  6. i dont really keep track of the ravens, i was shocked when it said pregame that the ravens are 7-5? wtf? they really seem like a 4 or 5 win team. talk about a quiet playoff contender. too bad they lost their best corner.
  7. everyone on my team s--- the bed this week it is actually impressive how they coordinated it. bell and one other non-qb in double digits, out of 7. and i had most points in the league this season. needed a hail mary from bell it was looking good early.........
  8. tried to talk the guys off the ledge who were gonna start gabbert and jimmy over him.
  9. lot of talk about 20mph wind leadin up to this game.
  10. lets keep in mind their pass d is atrocious, theyre a pass funnel D and kerwynn is in a rbbc and theyre down a passrushing lb and ONE run stopper enough to make me think about activating him for about 3 secs, but thats it ill be happy if he does well sunday GL to those starting him