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  1. Yikes dude. Forget ROS. You need to stream QBs every week based on matchups if these are your only options and Carr is out for a while.
  2. Evan Engram is legit. Drop Doyle for him immediately. Engram never blocks and the Giants have no target hogs after OBJ so plenty of room for him to grow. As an Ingram owner, Kamara is legit. Standard scoring makes him less valuable but still expect him to be leading that 2 man RBBC soon.
  3. Is this a PPR? I like Smallwood because that Eagles O seems to be getting better every week. Blount game last week smells like a fluke platter. Stay far away from Collins and Gallman. 2 of worst offenses in the league with terrible blocking with plenty of past RBs that people picked up and hated. Murray vs McKinnon is interesting. McKinnon has had plenty of opportunities in the past with the Vikes and never capitalized. Murray is still kind of hurt and fragile, but I still think he gets first crack at it. Im hearing Montgomery wont be out for long and he is an absolutely hog so A Jones would be viable starter for 2 weeks max. So 1. Smallwood 2. Murray 3. McKinnon 4. A Jones
  4. Im frustrated with Ingram and worried about Kamara becoming the one two own in that mess. Are they really that close? I figured Ajayi is a lowend RB1 while Ingram is a mid RB2. Agree that Cooper and Witten/streamers would be huge downgrade though. Thanks for the response.
  5. I would do that trade in a heartbeat if you can swing. You have plenty of depth at WR. If you cant swing this trade, no matter what try to move or package your WRs for a low end, underperforming RB1.
  6. Agreed, he should be desperate for WRs and hopefully Cooks and Crowell will get you Ajayi. IF he doesnt go for that I would go far as offering Ingram and Cooks for his Ajayi and Cobb.
  7. I would personally put in a bid for Rawls. Lacy has inspired 0 confidence in me this year and Rawls has proven to be a great (and fragile) back on that team in the past. Probably drop one your stashes of Conner or Breida. Doubt either will get picked up if Gio is on waivers.
  8. Gonna agree with everyone, but for an additional reason: You have Howard. You definitely dont want to drop a potential league winning handcuff.
  9. Hey guys, this is for the Team 2 in my sig. I was counter-offered a package for my Hopkins. Give: Hopkins, Ingram, Ertz Get: J Ajayi, A Cooper, J Witten I feel like I have good depth at WR and am weak at the top of my RB chart. My hesitation is giving up Ertz. He has been great in an extremely scarce position but I am not afraid to start streaming TEs. Problem is that hes is pretty stacked at QB so I dont think I can entice him with mine. What to do you guys think of this trade?
  10. Thats a tough one but I like Kupp. He has less competition and more talent that Agholor. Agholor also has a history of under performing and I would like to see more games where 90% of points dont come from a broken flukey play. On the other hand Kupp is a rookie with the worse QB throwing to him. I like Kupp over Agholor ROS but not by a whole lot at this point. You will know a lot more about these players by Week 3 if you can afford to wait.
  11. Drop Kamara or maybe Kelly if you really love Kamara.
  12. I like Kupp. I would drop Snead for him. I think the Saints offense is gonna be hard to predict week to week (even more so than other years) plus with you already have Thomas cant see a scenario where you would start both. Kupp is #2 WR on his team already and has a real chance to improve and do some damage. Lots of talent in a growing offense. WR2 potential where as Snead could be unstartable to WR1 depending on the week.
  13. I would not. Hyde is a rare feature back in this league while Tate has 2 very talented WRs taking some of his targets from a QB that loves to spread the ball since Megatron left. Obviously either would be a flex play for you and I think Hyde is lower ceiling but higher floor and reliable option. In a couple weeks I think it will be clear that Hyde is THE offense in SF.
  14. Hogan definitely. This is coming from a diehard Pats fan that read daily training camp reports. Im expecting Hogan to have a breakout year. He had double the snaps as Dola in Week 1 (Hogan and not Cooks was out there for 1WR sets) and still got a good number of targets. For whatever reason Brady overthrew everyone but Dola that night which resulted in the statline you see. Another huge sign is that they did like 4 end arounds with Hogan and clearly want the ball in his hands while they limit the snaps of Dola. I havent even begun on their talent difference, ceiling and Dolas injury issues....