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  1. My father would also take the Sloth team he said. His e-mail is
  2. I will take: MODJESKI NYGE. My e-mail is
  3. If something falls through I would take.
  4. If something falls through I would take.
  5. I would be interested. It only costs $2.67? How do I go about it? I think I have an account on there already. My e-mail is
  6. Experienced and active fantasy baseball players. Looking for ESPN keeper leagues with active players. Looking for league to be free or of low cost. Leave options below or e-mail Will join up quickly.
  7. I will do it.
  8. I will take it if available still.
  9. I will accept the invite right now Looks like I am too late though.
  10. I will do it.