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  1. Our 18 team dynasty league is searching for one replacement. We keep 22 each year, and have 15 man minor league systems. The league has a special Proboards, as well as a Google Sheets to keep track of the farms. There is a dispersal draft amongst the 2 new owners (one already found) with the player pool being from the teams that you and other person would be taking over. Only serious owners who are in it for the long haul, please. This league has lots of owners who have been around for at least 5 years and know their stuff. If you are interested, please email me at and I will just ask a couple of questions to assess if you are up to par for the league. Thank you.
  2. Well he certainly can't get much worse. His ceiling is capped somewhere.
  3. Rotoworld blurb says Tuesday at Boston, but Yahoo still has the green checkmark next to his name on Sunday vs Miami.
  4. My question is, what does motivate him at this point? Or what has even motivated him in the past?
  5. I streamed him tonight in my 18 team dynasty and will be holding for the two start week next week. I watched some of the start and his cutter plays so well off his fastball. He pitched inside very effectively, forcing a lot of pop ups and ground balls.
  6. You seem to be implying that he is underperforming because he feels like he was betrayed, and the betrayal is due to his injury? The contract issues, nor the false sense of betrayal have nothing to do with his struggles On another note, everybody talks about the shoulder for the ongoing struggles, but in early April of 2018 he was beaned right in the face with a fastball by German Marquez. Since that date (4/22/18) Kris has hit .255/.348/427 good for a .775 OPS. He doesn't look the same in the box ever since that day and another thing that could explain his struggles his overreliance on going the other way, he used to be a pull hitter but his attempt at going the other way just has not worked out.
  7. That last paragraph is totally off base and just reads like an unwarranted hot take.
  8. My main concern with him is he only threw the curve 4 times, making him basically a two pitch pitcher, (fastballs/slider). Cardinals hitters knew this late in outing and started sitting on fastballs and crushing them to the tune of 3 homers. Overall, very impressive outing but something to watch out for.
  9. Yahoo has it as a QS. I believe it should be a QS unless there is a dispute about an unearned run being earned or something along those lines.
  10. Maddon managed him really weird that season, he's been been better with being allowed to go deeper the past two seasons.
  11. Dynasty Guru is your best bet for all dynasty related things. Also check out Imaginary Brick Wall, another good source.
  12. How does this even make sense? How is he not a good enough player to start at 2B Opening Day for the Rockies?
  13. Last year, he improved as a hitter despite being hampered with a wrist injury throughout the 2nd half. K/BB more manageable then rookie season, with health, I see him having a big time season. .270 30-35 HR if everything breaks right.