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  1. Any new updates? I haven’t heard anything, whether it be positive or negative regarding his progress from his injury. Wondering if he will be designated to return from IR or if he will remain on IR the ROS
  2. I’m not dropping anyone. I have Jones, but was contemplating trading him for Godwin.
  3. SoI’ve been posting about Keke offers recently, but I finally got one that has me thinking:SEND: Keke, 2020 2nd, 2021 3rdRECEIVE: Tyler LockettI like Keke going forward, but it would be nice to have the #1 option (for the time being) for SEA. I don’t mind sending those picks, because I would be upgrading and solidifying my WR4 (I have several other good options, but they all are question marks right now). Although I do not need Lockett, I am wondering if this is too good of a value to pass up. It’s about even, according to a trade analyzer. I can always trade a WR later.
  4. I wouldn’t mind giving up a 2nd on top to get Carson, but he doesn’t want to give him up unless he’s getting a RB back (which in my case would be Jones). Which I’m not willing to do.
  5. Thank you for the replies. I think I will stick with Keke (at least I will with the current package he has offered). I have been trying to get Carson in a package for Keke, but no go on that for now. He doesn't have any draft picks in 2020 right now and a 1st and 3rd in 2021, so he doesn't have much in terms of trading with giving up a bit or him giving up a bit (which he doesn't seem like he wants to do). Might be better to move on, unless he wants to up the offer.
  6. I think Warren is a definite drop. I think for the other one, it is between Ware and Williams. Even though you have Damien Williams, I'd probably drop Darrel. Only reason is that I believe if Damien were to get hurt, Hyde and Thompson would step in and not Darrel. We haven't seen much of anything out of Darrel, whereas we have seen that Ware can be useful if healthy.
  7. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league Had a guy come asking about Keke. I really like Keke and the offense that he is in, but I'm kicking the idea of trading him. He is currently sitting on my taxi squad, so he isn't affecting my active roster, so I don't mind holding onto him if the price isn't enough. Guy has proposed Breida, Tyrell Williams, and 21 3rd for Keke and 21 3rd. I do like Breida, but that backfield worries me right now with Coleman, Breida, and McKinnon there, but I think he carves out a role in that backfield. Tyrell is nice depth at WR, but not 100% sure I need him, but he is better than Cobb and Moore who are my last 2 WRs on my active roster. Then we would swap 3rd's in 2021 (my team is stacked on paper so if it stays that way, my 3rd should be late, while his 3rd will probably be mid (he has been middle of the pack the last 2 years)). However, my plan would be to try and flip Breida to a RB needy team if trading for him. My current RBs- Barkley, Kamara, Mixon, Aaron Jones, Justice Hill, Gio, Ajayi, Gaskins (taxi) My current WRs- OBJ, M Thomas, Cooper, Fitz, Kirk, Cobb, David Moore, Sutton (taxi), Keke (taxi), Diontae Johnson (taxi), Miles Boykin (taxi)
  8. Appreciate the input. I think I am in agreement with the majority of you that I need to keep Jones. The 3 in front of him will always be in my lineup (unless of injury and during bye weeks). I will probably alternate Jones and Cooper at the 2nd FLEX. As of right now, I don't have enough depth after Jones, if an injury were to occur to one of my top 3. I am high on Hill though and hope he eventually turns into the lightning to Ingram's thunder. While I don't have a stud WR4, I have some upside WRs in Kirk, Sutton, and Keke who could fill that role and another veteran in Fitz, who I think has a bounce back year with a better QB.
  9. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league. Roster requirements are 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 D/ST, 1 K, 13 BN Given my team makeup, who’d you rather have in dynasty? My team: QB- Mahomes, Winston, Grier (TS) RB- Barkley, Kamara, Mixon, A Jones, Justice Hill, Ajayi, Gio, Gaskins (TS) WR- OBJ, M Thomas, Cooper, Kirk, Fitz, Cobb, Sutton, Coutee (TS), David Moore (TS), Diontae Johnson (TS), Boykin (TS) TE- Ertz, Njoku, Goedert D/ST- Bears, Bills, Pats K- Butker
  10. Thanks. I guess I've been a homer on Sanders and have found it tough to move him. But maybe it is time to move on from him and get what I can.
  11. That’s the one I was leaning toward if making a trade. It doesn’t matter that 2021 seems so far away though?
  12. I meant I have a couple of offers for Sanders, but are any of these offers worth it? SEND Sanders and 2020 2nd RECEIVE Tyrell Williams (is he really an upgrade that much to send a 2nd? I have 2 next year) SEND Sanders RECEIVE 3.12 (last pick of draft) and 2020 3rd (my original pick, so should be late) SEND Sanders RECEIVE 2021 2nd (good value, but it just seems so far away)
  13. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league. QB- Mahomes, Winston, Eli RB- Barkley, Kamara, Mixon, Aaron Jones, Gio, Ajayi WR- OBJ, M Thomas, Cooper, Sanders, Fitz, Kirk, Cobb, Sutton (TS), Coutee (TS), David Moore (TS) TE- Ertz, Njoku, Eifert D/ST- Bears, Bills, Lions K- Butker After making a small trade, I now have 2 sets of WR's from 3 of the same teams (Sutton/ Sanders, Kirk/ Fitz, Cooper/ Cobb). So definitively not an ideal situation to have. I plan on keeping Cooper, Sutton, and Kirk, unless I get a package I can't refuse (which I haven't yet). I feel like Sanders and Fitz are still worth something (even at their age), but is Cobb worth holding onto at all if I can't find a trade for him? I have put Fitz and Cobb on the block, but with no bites yet, where I am ideally looking at a 3rd for each. So are they all a keep if I can't find a decent trade? Or would you accept anything for them? Just cut them?
  14. I bought into the hype this offseason and drafted Burton over Kittle in my rookie/ FA draft. Been regretting it ever since, but was able to trade Burton in a package two weeks ago for Ertz. Glad to be off that train as he has been a headache to own.