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  1. Kamara > Jacobs Nuk/ Julio > Thielen Tough one, but I probably make that trade. It’s pretty even, but the gap from Kamara to Jacobs is less than the gap from Nuk/ Julio to Thielen. And I’d go with Nuk. Help me:
  2. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league Trade is my Boston Scott for 21 2nd (My own, so probably late) My team: QB- Mahomes, Carr, Minshew, Winston RB- Barkley, Kamara, Mixon, A Jones, Lat Murray, Scott, Akers (taxi), Pollard (taxi), Justice Hill, Dillon (taxi) WR- M Thomas, Cooper, OBJ, Sutton, D Johnson, Fitz, Pittman (taxi), Van Jefferson (taxi) TE- Ertz, Goedert, Njoku, Knox (taxi) Looking at my roster, I don’t need Scott, but would you hold him to see if his value increases, or sell for that? If it’s worth anything, are any of these players worth making the move and picking up? - Bisi Johnson (#2 in MIN) - Trent Taylor (good rapport with Jimmy G) - J.D. McKissic (starter in WSH?) - TreQuan Smith (#3, but getting some hype) - Harrison Bryant (#2 TE in CLE?, would activate Akers to active and slide Bryant down to taxi)
  3. I’d go 2 RB/ 1WR, especially since you are keeping 2 WRs as is.
  4. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty. Would you do this trade? Or better to hold tight? SEND: Goedert, Scott, 22 2nd (Mine, so hopefully late) RECEIVE: Hooper, Sterling Shepard, Gio My team: QB- Mahomes, Carr, Minshew, Winston RB- Barkley, Kamara, Mixon, A Jones, L Murray, Scott, Justice Hill WR- M Thomas, Cooper, OBJ, Sutton, D Johnson, Fitz TE- Ertz, Goedert, Njoku D/ST- Bills, Bears K- Butker Taxi- Akers, Pollard, Dillon, Pittman, Van Jefferson, Knox
  5. Thanks for the input. I replied to yours as well. CLE will supposedly run a lot of 2 TE sets now, but I’m still unsure how Njoku will do. Harrison Bryant has been a standout at training camp, so I wonder if he overtakes Njoku at some point. But yea his value is pretty much tied to getting traded. I had such high hopes for Hill and think he was opposed for a bigger role this year, until they drafted Dobbins. Now he doesn’t have any value this year, unless injuries happen. He could have value in 21 though if Ingram and Gus both leave, leaving him as the primary backup to Dobbins and maybe the pass catching back. we have a max of 3 TEs on active, so unfortunately I can’t add Thomas unless I trade/ drop Njoku.
  6. You never know what you are going to get with NE RBs (granted White has primarily remained the pass catching RB), but I’d probably make that trade. Hurst should be very productive in ATL. I can’t see your signature on my phone, but if you have some other good RBs, I’d make that trade.
  7. Thanks for the input. I replied to yours as well. None of those options get me real excited either, but they could turn into something. - Miller (assuming he wins that 3rd WR spot) could turn into an Edelman type for Brady (granted Brady) hasn’t had 2 other WRs like Godwin and Evans to throw to) - Bisi Johnson is currently ahead of Jefferson, so he could be valuable to start out if he gets that WR2 spot to start the season (MIN doesn’t run 3 WRs a lot, so the WR3 doesn’t have much value- fully expect Jefferson to ascend to WR2 at some point though) - Taylor has good rapport with Jimmy G and SF needs WRs bad - Thomas- not sure what to think honestly, but if he is named starting TE, he has some value (Reed was productive there when he was healthy) I like Njoku, but honestly don’t know what to do with him. I have a dilemma at TE (Ertz, Goedert, Njoku all have the same bye week and we only have a max of 3 at TE- granted I have time before having to worry about that. And I was high on Hill, but drafting Dobbins was a disappointment. Only value I see for him is if multiple injuries happen, or waiting until the 21 season and hoping Ingram and Gus are gone and Hill is the primary pass catching RB there)
  8. As others have said, it depends on what other QBs would be available for you to pick. Since you aren’t sure yet, I probably make the deal in a 2 QB. Rodgers isn’t the same QB he was a couple years ago, but he’s still a good option. I also think you will be able to find more WRs available to pick from versus quality QBs.
  9. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty. I’m not sure what to do with Justice Hill and Njoku. - Njoku has apparently struggled in camp and was battling another injury, while Harrison Bryant has looked really good. Idk if Bryant has overtaken him yet though. - Hill is just in a terrible situation as BAL is stacked at the RB situation. Won’t have any value this year, but is he worth a hold in dynasty as Ingram and Gus could be gone after this year I think I’m just higher on these 2 than they actually are because I spent high picks in them (1.09 for Njoku and 2.01 for Hill) Some potential options to pick up are: Logan Thomas (I get a Waller vibe from him- may not pan out that way at all), Bisi Johnson (#2 in MIN right now), Scotty Miller, Trent Taylor, Harrison Bryant (would place on taxi and activate Knox)
  10. I’m a Kamara owner. I’m wouldn’t say I worried per se about his injury from last year, but would I be better to trade for Murray to have as insurance? Murray was elite when Kamara missed time, so I feel that I would be able to slide him in if Kamara was to be out again. Which trade would you do? 1.) Boston Scott and a 22nd 3rd for Murray 2.) 21 2nd (probably late) for Murray My RBs are Barkley, Kamara, Mixon, A Jones, Akers, Boston Scott, Justice Hill, Gio, Dillon (taxi), Pollard (taxi)
  11. The only ones in play for me are Teddy, Gibson, Dillon, and the 1st 4 WRs. My personal preference, is probably either Gibson or Higgins. Depends on if you’d rather go RB or WR. Gibson probably he lore immediate production, while Higgins is better long term.
  12. Yep that’s pretty much my league. I think the best available in my league is Amendola or Chris Conley. Haha
  13. I didn’t. I wasn’t planning to drop a D at all. There are only a handful of D’s on the waiver anyway. I really like the 2 I have. Plus there’s no one available that I’d like to drop a defense for. Our wire is pretty barren.