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  1. He seems like a guy whose season is lost. I dumped him last week for Debo. Shepard has high talent and upside, but if he plays think he is a risk to get pulled early. Not even sure he plays this week.
  2. Let me start this out as I am a big fan of Cam. He won me my FFL Championship his rookie year. I have tried to have him on my team every year but this one. He was a bad pick from the get go. He was coming off being injured, but as someone who has followed him. His value has always been in his rushing. He has never been one of the leagues top passers. Each year his running has become less and less. So this year he was going to have to rely on his throwing. Right there red flags from the get go. He will never be work owning as a QB in FFL again. Sad to say cuz I love the guy.
  3. Yes, I have gotten nothing out of my kickers. At this point only kickers out there are out there for a reason. It boggles my mind how many teams just don't value kickers. I had Nugent and replaced him with Matt Gay. Young leg. High Draft Pick. High Scoring Offense. never heard of him before I took him. Gotta be better than Folk. Yes, I have gotten nothing out of my kickers. At this point only kickers out there are out there for a reason. It boggles my mind how many teams just don't value kickers.
  4. I do agree with the assessment that no one can predict game script, but teams generally don't think they have the game in the bag until very late in the game. It's not like they will pull the starters in the first half. Personally I see this as a game where Cook gets a little rest. He has not gone 16 games yet in one season. The revenge thing is often I see Cousins coming out slinging. I am a Vikings fan and have watched them closely. Reason why I drafted Cook in the first round. Johnson is a good little receiver the best 3rd WR they have had in a while. He has been getting more looks each game. This one he is starting.
  5. I disagree. It is a revenge game for Cousins. The Vikings will throw the ball like crazy the first half for sure. After that I see it being more Mattison than Cook. Both Cousins and Keenum (both revenge games) have something to prove so both will be slinging like crazy.
  6. Next up, NY Jets. Another big week. This was easy, the division and schedule is so weak. It's money in the bank. Between the Pats Def and Dalvin Cook I haven't lost. I even have the Bears Defense on the bench.
  7. My greatest pick. Funny thing is I drafted them to be by other defense. I also have the Bears. I knew that they would have an easy inner division schedule and was going to pick from the two depending on matchup. I have not used the Bears Defense yet. Another awesome week coming up. I am undefeated so far. Between the Patriots Defense and Dalvin Cook I am rolling.
  8. You want to trade for him or trade him? Now is not the time to trade him. Everyone just heard what you did. Should have traded him two weeks ago. You got Gordon....he has more value to you than anyone else.
  9. Anyone would. He would never take those two. You want Gurley I'd have to be Gailman and Godwin.
  10. Never been a fan of Watkins. He is Crabtree.
  11. Starter is Dissly. Thanks for your help. I helped you.
  12. No, stay with what you have. Help with mine please..
  13. Go Boyd and Golladay. Detroit game will be a pass heavy game. Detroit will be trying to keep up. Boyd at Pittsburgh because it is an inter division game and the Bengals will be seeking blood. they see the Steelers wounded and it will be a lot closer than you'd imagine. Boyd is still the #1. Help with mine.
  14. I'd keep the two you have. Help with mine please....