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  1. Need a slow grind of a running game from indy to milk clock and Brees to wet the bed....Im up by 30pts going against Brees.......😒
  2. Jimmy G im leaning towards...Just dont know when Tanny will turn pumpkin plus Jimmy will air it out
  3. Im leaning Bucs vs Det my opp has Balt def so I need a good showing from the Bucs.
  4. I need the rain and wind to pick up big time down by 39 going against Wentz and Philly D. Need a run fest lol
  5. Im starting him with full confidence full ppr league. He gave me 28pts in one half alone.....
  6. Ill be starting him with confidence against Cowgirls no Gabriel or Braunecker Lets Go!!!!!
  7. When its all said and done Dissly will out perform Kittles by eos in fantasy points he is already ahead in ppr right now after 3 games if he stays healthy Bank It........
  8. Ravens have one of the easiest schedules against run D’s Hill could amount to be running back Gold. This is the same back that beat out Carson in college. Hill is the Real Deal I dropped Penny who i drafted for this lottery ticket. All aboard this train it’s about to leave the station!!!
  9. It was a good trade for your team you needed to sure up the wr pos and Hopefully D Williams can match last yr output and youll be fine.
  10. Would you drop Penny for Hill I dont have Carson but leaning towards more reward with Hill. I have two solid Rb's with Mccaffrey and DJohnson already on team . Should i hold Penny who i drafted or take the lotto ticket of Hill who is one wire with poss blowing up. Hill has more of a crowded backfield with Ingram, Gus and Dixon. Any knowledgeable feedback would be appreciated.........
  11. I drafted him with confidence as my second pick at number 5 draft pick in ppr league managed to get Mccaffrey as my number 1 pick followed up with DJ in draft was wiling to take gamble on him despite circumstances should be up tempo Offense with lots of opportunity all aboard this DJ train Leggo!!!
  12. First round of playoffs Rivers has been iffy in KC most experts have Rivers ahead but Im thinking may be a trap game on thursday with Berry back in mix. Or do i trust Brady in Pittsburg must win game. WHIR
  13. Im firing him up this week with a gimpy Odell He got me 14pts last week on my bench PPR Lets Go!!!