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  1. I would probably target Carson but I don't feel you are getting enough for Hopkins in my Opinion although you do need a RB
  2. I admit I am a Lions fan so speaking from a point of bias here but I don't make this deal. The upside is much higher on the guys you have and I think you are fine at QB right now. I think you take a downgrade hit at WR and RB with this deal and while I do think better days are coming for Jackson not enough to make this deal.
  3. Do I possibly look to acquire Bell or try to trade CEH to the Bell owner? I am not a big handcuff guy and don't terribly like to own two guys from the same backfield. He has Montgomery, Drake, Chubb, Bell and Ingram.
  4. I think you go with Drake as well. Until they show they are not going to give him the ball eventually you have to hope lightning will strike.
  5. I agree with everyone else shoot a bit higher at RB but honestly for me I think I'd stay put and try to work the wire for a RB like a Justin Jackson if he is still available. Ridley is too talented at this point for me to give up.
  6. Hi everyone looking to see what to do with CEH now that LeVeon Bell was signed. Is there any way he retains any decent fantasy value or is he done? I feel I'd be selling for Pennies on the dollar but something is better than nothing. Thoughts on what to do? If I did trade him who might I target? My roster is as follows and I am 3-2 pending the outcome of the Chiefs/Bills QB- Cam Newton, Justin Herbert RB- Clyde Edwards-Helaire, James White, JK Dobbins, Joshua Kelley, Damien Harris, Austin Ekeler (IR) WR- Robert Woods, Tee Higgins, AJ Brown, Diontae Johnson, Robby Anderson TE- Mark Andrews, Dalton Schultz Also this is a 10 team PPR league. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  7. I am in the same boat losing Dak but I'd rank them as follows Stafford, Minshew, Ben, Tannehill, Fitz
  8. Hi I got offered a deal Amari Cooper for DJ Moore do I take it PPR? Not sure how much Cooper's value takes a hit with the loss of DAK.
  9. I am going Herbert on this one like the upside here and he has been on a roll.
  10. Hi I am in a 1 pt PPR league and need to pick 3 receivers form this list today. Who should I go with? DJ Moore Robert Woods Diontae Johnson AJ Brown Tee Higgins
  11. Hi if you make this deal I agree trade Conner and a WR and maybe look to upgrade there and get a WR 1. I think you are fine at TE with Tonyan.
  12. Looking at countering a trade I was offered and wondered which side of these would you take ROS in PPR Side 1 Clyde Edwards Helaire, Mark Andrews, and DJ Moore Side 2 David Johnson, Allen Robinson, George Kittle
  13. My backup is Brady but Newtown got Dropped for some reason due to Covid so I thought I might pick him up. His QB's Are Brees and Roethlesberger I'll offer it worst he can do is turn me down.