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  1. Just as Dallas has handled Cooper with kid gloves throughout the practice weeks, its my opinion Coopers downward snap % in recent weeks is due to Cooper once again battling nagging injuries. He waved to the sidelines for a snap off on Sunday vs the GMEN i saw. I think its more that, then it is MM removing him from the game for no good reason. I admit MM hasn't been good, at all. But i think Coop's use and the blame game on MM is an overreaction. It also helps that this team has guys playing better then expected like N.Brown/C.Wilson. Having Gallup/Lamb is a luxury that affords them to give Coop a blow here and there as well.
  2. if Dallas had their choice, they absolutely would want to slow the pace and control the clock with Zeke. That approach is the same one they ideally would want to have, even with Dak under center. Then enter the 2020 dallas cowboys defense. THE worst defense in the league potentially, and by far one of the worst i've witnessed that i can recall as a long time fan. This Dallas team will need to continue to throw and throw a lot bc this defense bleeds points and they give em up in chunks. It could level off to some degree, but it sure won't starting Monday night vs AZ. What Dallas wants to do and what they will actually have to do are two different things. Im not betting on this defense improving enough for Dallas' offense to slow the pace.
  3. i don't think he's a must hold give or take roster/bench size in redraft if you absolutely have to drop someone. That being said, I'm holding for the simple fact that Dallas will give up a ton of points and remain throwing a lot. If by chance something happens to Cooper/Ceedee then you would def still want Gallup. Gallup is running a ton of vertical routes with Cooper/Lamb working underneath in MM/Kellon's scheme so far. Im holding if i can, but i can also understand a redraft drop if you need the bye week move
  5. my comments were an attempt to carry over the home/road split narrative from Amari's 2019 season lol. He was great at Jerry's world, vanished on the road often. I can understand the concern and the idea of fading him all together, esp since he's not practicing a week before kick off. His ADP in PPR has floated anywhere from 33-40 over the weeks, give or take where you look. He's about as boom/bust as most WR's in that range though is my thought. If he's healthy his boom weeks will be there just as most in that same range i figure. I could pick apart a lot of players in that same ADP range TBH
  6. luckily for all Amari FF investors Dallas starts on the road vs Rams. Easy week one fade for Amari. Wait until ATL rolls into Dallas week 2
  7. whatever helps you get over your trust issues, sugar Who hurt you?
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