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  1. Cool thread for fans of the Boss. The album Nebraska sure holds a special place for me. Its an album i like to reach back and listen to and IMO, its a fantastic piece of work by Bruce.
  2. You have not offended me. It wasn't my intent to come across the way. Seems like you got just as touchy here upon my request for someone to come on here and provide some actual content to their tongue and cheek tuck and run. Sorry if i misquoted you, but your attempt at tongue and cheek comes off pretty closely to the idea that you believe he sucks lol, and thats a fine opinion to have. I just got curious as to the why. There hasn't been much worth reading so far on this thread since the hire, thats for sure. I def need to lower my expectations. You figure i'd learn by now since i've been here awhile. Oh well. Onto the next one. Im not owed anything in here, you're correct about that. But that won't stop me from asking with the hope to generate some actual content worth reading and possibly discussing further. I almost got there. Seems like i rubbed you the wrong way to accomplish that idea though. You truly are the Threadkiller
  3. I can agree Jerry has been and is a problem. He simply meddles around too much. But I'm still trying to figure out how anyone looks at MM's coaching career and that being equal to a guy that "sucks"...... I guess Sean Peyton sucks too. Close to the same career record as a head coach, one SB.. Man, he stinks. MAYBE, Ted Thompson sucks. Just a thought. MM's departure was more then just him "sucking" as you say. This isn't a sexy flashy hire taking a huge risk with some unknown like Rhule, Riley, etc. So i get that its easy to call it gutless. But i have my own laundry list of items i could throw out with concern in regards to hiring just about every name i've seen possible for Dallas, before the hired MM. Dallas needed stability / accountability across the team and across the staff, from the top on down. So far: MM / Kellon Nolan Tomsula coaching DL Bones coaching Special teams This may all blow up in Dallas' face. Its possible. But i see a franchise and now a new HC in MM that is directly trying to go out and bring in a staff that directly addresses the big time failures in Dallas from the 19' season. Defense & LB's were horrid(Nolan), DLine underachieved all year(tomsula), and the Special teams was dead last or close to it in almost every statical category there is (See Bones coming in) Call it gutless, fine. But try and provide some sort of relevant substance along the way, or possibly even let us know what hire wouldn't have been gutless. So far, i see plenty of people in here lining up at the Dallas punching bag, but bringing a small arm to swing with.
  4. Its def a hire i honestly wasn't expecting lol. So I'm still sorting it out in my head as well and i can't deny, there are a few bad taste left in my mouth when i think back over what i can remember from MM's coaching tenor in GB. Im very curious as to how this staff looks when finished in full. Sounds like Nolan is coming on as DC. More to sort out lol. I don't LOVE this hire but i can't say i hate it either. Big offseason for Dallas ahead and with the coaching change I'm very interested in who comes back and who doesn't.
  5. Im not doing backflips over this hire either. Feels like a safe hire. I wanted to see them wait this out a bit longer and cast the net a bit wider across more NFL names. That being said, I'm still going to look at MM's entire body of work as a HC, not just the black eye spots and the dwindling of his final time in GB. Is this a sexy hire? of course not. But one thing i think MM brings to the table is HCing experience at the NFL level. I think he's also capable of fielding a decent NFL capable staff. Something i feared would be a major issue for guys like Rhule, Riley, Etc..... At the end of MM's time in GB, its no secret and even recently well documented that he was on the outs after butting heads with Ted Thompson. Rumor is MM was tired of TT sitting on his hands(cheapskate) each offseason and not attempting to acquire the talent MM felt he needed to continue to improve. Interestingly enough, they moved on from MM mid season in 18', then WOW!!!! TT goes out and spends in FA and IMO, does a great job getting that defense some serious help in FA. Now all the sudden Matt Lafluer is a thing (what on earth did Lafluer ever do well in TENN?)........maybe, just maybe MM was onto something. So while i get that this isn't an exciting hire in many ways. I think its a safe hire with a team that needs NFL HC leadership desperately, and it also needs one that can assist with going into an offseason with a ton of roster work construction with 26 FAs for Dallas. I did want to see a few NFL DC/OC's interviewed that are currently in the playoffs. But i also understand this hire by Jerry and Stephen. Some rumors floating that Kellon may remain as well. Which is interesting. Coaching and system changes can be difficult for QBs. See Matt Ryan for example. I would think Dak would push for Kellon and Kitna both to remain if possible. Just speculation though. Kellon may want to step out on his own and gain further experience. I think one day he becomes a nice coach in the league. He just needs more time.
  6. I expect this to be a week where Dallas tries to commit heavily to the run game with Zeke/Pollard. This is December football on the road and Zeke has averaged around 160+ scrimmage yards in his career so far vs Philly. Dallas is also 5-0 when Zeke has played vs Philly. (Not that it matters much this week). Couple that with Dak's shoulder issue and the OL coming off their strongest game of the season, Kellon should have this team on Zeke's back with Dak dinking and dunking underneath to move the chains as needed. I'd like to think they would want to expose and take advantage of the terrible Philly secondary, but I'm not convinced Dak will be able to push the ball much this week. His first attempts to throw this week should come tomorrow from what i've followed this week. .....of course they are. This is a game for a playoff spot. I'd hope both teams come in beyond desperate for this W. I wouldn't expect anything less, TBH. This is the time of year you gut it out if possible. There is plenty of offseason ahead otherwise.
  7. .....he used to. When he thought the mega extension was basically a done deal. He's still waiting.
  8. interesting thought here. I can tell ya, this would be the first season i've heard this. I actually believe a lot of this is simply Dak's development as a player overall combined with a young OC trying to open things up with Kellon Moore behind the wheel for the first time. All i've heard for the past few years leading up to 19' for Dak is, he simply doesn't push the ball down the field nearly enough. Risk averse. His Y/A speak to this as well. I do agree, i believe he's trying to push the ball now more then ever. But I'm not sold its a ego driven stat padding idea overall. And if it is, he sure isn't very smart about it bc he's losing games by the week going that route. Dak hasn't played well for about three or four games now. But there is a lot that goes into this Sh*t storm that is the awful Dallas Cowboys. And I'm sure as most that are watching see, its simply a mess from the top right on down. Dak had zero issues getting the ball to Zeke in 18'. The numbers speak to it. Overall, i see a QB that's still raw and taking his lumps along his development. But i also can't deny i see improvement from Dak this year. His offseason work has shown through plenty in my eyes in regards to his feet and release. The problem is a combination of a few things at work here: a young OC that can't commit to the run. A defense that is bleeding points when they wake up each week. A team that is dead last in almost every statistical category for all special teams phases. They have the worst avg. starting field position of all the teams in the league. They don't create turnovers and they very rarely give the Dallas O a short field. (See the large total offensive yards this year) And worst overall, an absolutely lost HC and DC in Rod Marinelli. Combine that with Dak's short comings still as an overall player, this is the bed the Cowboys have made and get to sleep in.
  9. Its a hard sell when trying to trade for the RB1(Cook)coming into last week, so thats an uphill climb i figure. As for the Saints, they haven't allowed a 100 yard rusher in 25 games or so to this point, so they are a good run defense overall and they showed that Sunday night. I look at the personnel up front and its very good. They were gashed a bit week 1 to start the year, but the grip has tightened weekly since. Under Sean Peyton, the Saints typically run the ball well and stop the run well. They have been bleeding yards through the air before SNF and i think thats hurt them across the board to start the season. They looked more focused and ready Sunday night. That defense is a big reason coming into this season that many have them as a SB contender/favorite, including myself. They shut down Seattle the week before as well, FWIW. I think overall you're overreacting a bit here. Missing all of camp is never good so the week 1 slow start was expected by me with Zeke. Mostly bc i assumed he wouldn't get a full workload. Zeke then went on to rattle off 100+ yards in the next two at a decent clip. Overall i think he's going to continue to see high volume and the points will follow. I think if i do have a concern its his passing use. But we did see an uptick in that area Sunday night with 7 targets. I started to wonder if the Kellon offense was going to start to limit the targets for Zeke, but i don't believe that will be the case as they get into playing close competitive games ahead. I do agree that the schedule for Dallas isn't easy, but you have to take it day by day, week by week and evaluate the personnel ahead. Teams like the Patriots and their defense look pretty dang good vs the Mutts of the league so far. Yet, good Ol' Frank Gore had room to run Sunday.(17/109/ 6.4avg) So don't go diving off the deep end yet and don't sell cheap if you do. Regrets will be had. Best of luck.
  10. Through the first three weeks in the 2019 season, Zeke actually started off with the most rushing yards he's ever had in his career to that point in a season. He also chipped in a pair of TDs in those 3 games, then added another one last night. I'd say given that he had 6 total rushing TD's all of last year, he's doing just fine. Last night was a dud, but credit the Saints for pushing around Dallas up front all night. That is a group you want to attack on the perimeter given their current structure, yet, JG/Kellon beat their head against an all to familiar and hated wall of rushing inside all night. I think JG ripped up half of Kellon's playbook last night, IDK. Hopefully heads get removed from butts week 5 for an improved offensive approach, but better days are ahead for Zeke, IMO. Hang in there.
  11. its not overreaction time, i agree. Don't do that until about week 4 or so i say. But a guy like D Adams vs Monty simply can't be compared. Adams rarely left the field and his use is clear. I expected Monty to be eased in during this opening night on the national stage. But he left the field a LOT and much of it during crunch time late in the game or during situational football that i felt he is designed perfectly for. 3rd and one to Patterson comes to mind. Bottom line, the use is concerning, even assuming the rushing attempts go up. Which they will.
  12. 2018: Bears week 1 at Packers: Rushing stats 27/139/1 lost by one point Week 12 vs Packers: Rushing stats 29/100/1 won the game Their approach & recipe for success last season looked nothing like that hot garbage last night. I get that Its a year to year league and GB's defensive adds this offseason have that unit much improved. BUT!! 12 rushing attempts is inexcusable, period. Esp after you invest in Davis/Monty and you're coming into week 1 with basically no preseason work for Mitch. I knew Monty's night was in the crapper when Patterson gets a carry up the gut on 3rd and 1. Embarrassing thought in general. Hopefully coming into week 2 someone can reach wayyyyy on up Nagy's butt to remove his head. Its pretty far up there though so IDK
  13. all that sweat and tears from FF owners for nothing, as expected. Deadlines get deals done. Good work by both sides building this drama and being the focal point of the offseason. Now its time to play some football.
  14. ........looks for seat. "Seats takin'" Moves to the drivers seat and runs this mother F'er right into AT&T stadium