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  1. Damn, one day off from a rolled ankle? Seems optimistic
  2. Eno had an article on the Athletic the other day comparing him to a prime Miggy. He might be that good, folks
  3. It's an obp league and berrios would be a keeper instead of Rizzo
  4. Is taking this guy #1 crazy in a .5 ppr?
  5. Gurley will be my first pick, still go BPA at the 20/21 turn?
  6. Started him and did good enough. Definitely work avoiding Coors....
  7. [Removed Cool Story] I also think his days with 30+SB are over. He's now in his late 20s and hes in a great lineup when healthy. He doesn't need to risk it anymore. For the next few years, I could see 100 runs, 20HR .310/.380/.460 20SB. Still a top 20 player, but no longer a top 3.
  8. I think top 20 is pretty fair. I have him in an obp league, and it's magical.
  9. Are ages still unreliable from the DR? Like, how the hell is it possible for him to be THIS good, THIS young!?!?
  10. The Angels turn into the Bad News Bears when Richards pitches.
  11. Just traded my Nola for Bellinger in a keep forever obp league.
  12. I trust the talent but not the situation. Say Freeman has two subpar games in a row and Coleman shows well, it's not unreasonable to think a split could happen. Quinn has shown he will not shy away from TC