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  1. I have an opening in one of my leagues (that I didn't expect)
  2. Due to someone quitting my league in the early morning hours (without notice), I now find myself here on this board seeking a Draft Night replacement for a second-year ESPN IDP PPR keeper league (10 teams). The person who quit joined from here yesterday. I absolutely HATE when people pull this nonsense less than 24 hours before a draft! This team has the #1 pick in the draft too. Whomever becomes the newest member of this league MUST be someone who's not gonna quit before the draft like the last guy (Kevin Rose). You also need to be a reasonably active player. With that said, here is the team link. If you are interested, please leave an email where I can send an invite to. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/team?leagueId=89907431&teamId=7
  3. Bump. With the weekend finally upon us, perhaps forum activity will pick up a bit. Hopefully.
  4. I am in search of someone new to take over a team in one of my ESPN keeper leagues returning from last season. The league consists of 10 teams and uses the IDP format with PPR. There is no money involved. The draft is set for this Sunday, and keepers are set to lock tomorrow at 10PM Eastern. I need to find someone who is reasonably active who can attend the draft. If this is you, please leave an email where I can send an invite to. I can push back the keeper lock time a bit if necessary but the draft will still take place this Sunday. Here is the team. You're free to change the team name if you'd like after joining: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/team?leagueId=89907431&teamId=7
  5. The person I invited to the Green Bay slot has not picked up. So the search continues for someone who is willing to join. You can relocate (to another NFL team) if you want after joining.