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  1. He was visibly upset at something. I think it was 1 he was being removed from the game and 2. You could clearly watch the hit was helmet to helmet and there were no flags thrown. Refs were favoring LA all night but that’s another story.
  2. Nagy pulls Jimmy Graham in the redzone then they call a jump ball to the shortest receiver on the field. lolololol
  3. Bears are bad. Defense overrated, offense is non existent. Fun
  4. So refs wanna get involved in this game early I see. Good to know
  5. Another ‘Prove It’ game for the Chicago Bears. This is a great matchup, both Offenses tend to struggle and both teams have rock solid defenses. Lehgo!!
  6. Be happy you actually know the injury or some sort of timetable for return with CC. Mixon owners didn’t get any news until last Friday.
  7. It’s the RW forums, would you expect anything less? We could also add Vent/Rant to any player thread as well.
  8. So Cincinnati refuses to use Mixon the way they just let Bernard do whatever he wanted. Could you imagine if Joe was given all the carries and targets like Gio just was.
  9. Was up by 20 with my Metcalf vs his Hopkins. This is a fun way to lose.
  10. Yep was painful to watch. Could have been a really nice day. Next week is gonna be tough, If we could get a stat line like this I’d gladly take it.
  11. Soooo Russ gonna reward this cat with all the catches this drive yes? Cool
  12. Yep I got JRob as well but I just don’t get the idea of trashing someone who takes a risk in starting this guy. Some players don’t have the luxury of WR gold. I actually have both Claypool and JuJu so watching JuJu get all those catches was frustrating. But probably should have seen it comin.