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  1. Lockett and Ole Petey Carroll teased me again, and I fell for it. Beautiful matchup at home vs hapless defense.. [...]
  2. Sims Jr. Generational talent. How many targets does this dude have?!
  3. So Jameis already getting garbage time in first quarter? Thanks.
  4. Hard to sit red hot Davante but may have to
  5. Weather outlook for Miami/Cincinnati. Things could change by Sunday but ya not looking good.
  6. I wouldn't expect anything from Montgomery Sunday. Nagy calling plays vs his former team.. You know Nagy is so giddy to call all his stupid gimmick plays. I guarantee he's gonna go full egg head Sunday. Smh
  7. Waiting to see what Mattison does tomorrow at practice. I almost feel like Cook has a better shot at suiting up actually.. But overall tomorrow's practice report should give us all a better indication!
  8. Seriously man. This type of crap and this happened after Seattle game. Guy looks like he lost a limb withering on the ground, next quarter on the sideline he's chopping up jokes wit da boys. Then he's feeling great next morning.. Comical.
  9. So how's everyone's matchup against Michael Thomas going?
  10. I don't know how you can start him after yesterday. If he plays dude is going to seriously hurt himself. Are you Gonna risk him leaving you with single digit points again? Even after the Seattle game I had major anxiety starting him against Detroit, luckily he finished the game with a decent score.
  11. Yep. As far as Dalvin carried my teams this season just broke down at the wrong time. Sucks but he had such a great year. Looking into next season I wonder how high he goes.
  12. Tied with my opponent, as rare as that is. I have Brees going against none other then squidward, I mean Michael Thomas. I lose fo sho..
  13. Tj Watt is showing out tonight wow. Also this Steelers punter is awful.. Not doing my Steelers D any favors.