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  1. Espn just said some players are late getting to the game cause of snow. They’ll be there but this weather ugh. I have the same decision as you and keep going back and fourth.
  2. Lol it’s not over under it would be odds Lmao. over/under would be saying something like: Williams over/under 10.5 touches.
  3. So what’s this news about he “should travel”? Coach Andy Reid said RB Damien Williams (personal) 'should' travel with the team to Mexico City Sunday. Williams has been the Chiefs' workhorse since LeSean McCoy lost a fumble in the third quarter of their Week 8 loss to the Packers, commanding 45 of the backfield's 55 touches ever since. Fire up Williams as a low-end RB1 as the lead back of a Patrick Mahomes-led offense. Darrel Williams and LeSean McCoy would likely form a two-back committee if Damien ultimately doesn't travel. SOURCE: Nate Taylor on Twitter. Nov 16, 2019, 2:15 PM ET
  4. And of course week 11 is a Monday night game.
  5. Can’t seem to find anything but, MRI today?
  6. There was a video of him limping to The looker room. However no real updates at all. From a fantasy prospective hard to believe no updates but if it was a star rb or something you’d hear tons.
  7. With Foles coming back I’m hoping that Westbrook will be my flex. But I’m curious to hear other opinions.
  8. Highest over under is Tampa and Arizona. Saints falcons is second
  9. While I don’t see him playing, he was back on practice field today.
  10. Out of the next 6 matchups this is the 2nd easiest. Outside of Oakland week 13. According to SOS for qbs.
  11. I feel like there is more balance in the New England backfield then this one. [...] My thing is the touches and i agree that all of it came on one play. However if he’s going to be getting 15ish touches moving forward with his speed and the offense it could only take one big play a game. Ugh I wish Reid would clarify on touches moving forward. I have really seen any news about it.
  12. I get the rbbc but with DJ out and Morris and Zenner are also new to team, I’d have to imagine Drake getting at least the passing down work? The game could be ugly and I’d think Arizona would be down all game. For me it’s Sanu or Drake and I’m leaning towards him cause of the reasons I’ve mentioned.
  13. No way that happens. Going to cost ALOT more.