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  1. Not sure why people are straight up hating I mean if your in a competitive 12 14 or 16 team league your trying to say you don’t have a spot at the end of your bench for a possible league winner. Low risk high reward, if it doesn’t work drop. He sure looks like someone is going to sign him if it doesn’t work it cost nothing. And it’s even after waivers so no faab or waiver priority needed.
  2. Hopefully he’s already helmet shopping.
  3. dez isn’t even available in Yahoo lol
  4. Do they even have another wr rostered lol. Calling Antonio Brown lol Was planing on using either him or Julio Monday night and now might have neither. Got 2 good week from him ugh
  5. In regards to tonight’s game I’d think that wouldn’t matter with chark out. Westbrook will probably dress to.
  6. Another reason yahoo is better then espn. You should be able to drop a bench player anytime for a Free Agent. Yahoo has always been like this as well.
  7. I would not drop Snell. I have the same situation and I wouldn’t drop Snell as a Conner owner. Same as a Carson owner I wouldn’t drop Hyde. the insurance outweighs the adds IMO Drop someone need be and if that’s Jordan Howard I’d drop him for Hines or Brown.
  8. Anyone seen anything of Godwin? I was watching redzone and didn’t see exactly what happen but everyone is saying head injury. However no updates anyplace and rotoworld is only saying he will be the top wr option next week.
  9. Oh i know I was just saying. Wasn’t directed at you.
  10. I mean I guess but cam able to throw the ball a few feet to CMC lol. Not saying white is CMC but like mentioned an absolute steal this year. Plus the pats didn’t add any weapons, although I’m interested to see Harry play. Plus just recently lost Harris and Sony is banged up and was horrible last year to. The way rbs come off the board just don’t get it but thank you lol.
  11. So with the season starting this week who are we buying as the best cuff, Dillon or Williams? I had the option for both at the end of the draft and went Dillon even with the news of him being number 3. Thoughts??
  12. White seems so forgotten this year. I’ve tried to snag him in all drafts with as late his adp is currently. Glad I was able to get it most leagues.
  13. Where do you guys rank Moss in a rookie draft? Is it 1st round or 2nd. I’m curious to see where he’s going in dynasty drafts