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  1. I don't mean to go full CSB, but I've also got Alvarez in a keeper...sure take another month! Heal Conforto too while you're at it. But seriously, from a pure fantasy perspective, another month would've give us a better view of Sale, Judge, Stanton too...
  2. How did Big Papi's knees survive all those years? Seriously. These guys are getting softer.
  3. First off, why do people complain about the existence of a thread? Don't like it? Don't click on it. People are such babies on the internet. Secondly, there can be no doubt that the greatest football player ever is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. What he's done in the clutch, year after year, far surpasses the most dazzling throws Manning, Rodgers and Mahomes have ever made combined. Arm talent does not a great Quarterback make. 6 rings. 4 super bowl mvps. 3 reg season MVPs. All with a variety of supporting pieces big and small. #facts
  4. Vegas would be a sad state given their receving corps. it has be the Chargers or he stays with the Pats. I just don’t see any other options. MAYBE Tennessee. Maybe.
  5. Pure speculation but I have a sneaky feeling Conner's season is done. I think this is worse than they're letting on.
  6. Disconcerting he sat out those last drives. just have to hope it’s nothing major since he came back into the game.
  7. I agree. It's the type of situation where everyone sits him and be blows up. Next week, everyone starts him, and he fails. Because fantasy football.
  8. I would be shocked if Connor didn’t miss at least one week.
  9. No Xavien Howard+Jets D can't stop anyone = Giddy up.
  10. Get ready for the “we never intended to trade Bell” response from Gase after this. Which may or may not be true. He’s way too expensive to acquire. We just have to hope his role with the jets doesn’t diminish (any further.)
  11. My uneducated guess is that he misses one week.
  12. It's likely deadline day nonsense, Gents. As you were.
  13. It's really not Darnold's fault. Running backs are only as good as their offensive line. And the Jets' line is quite offensive.
  14. They’re calling for heavy rain and wind in New England on Sunday. it took two QB sneak TDs for Brady to get his numbers against the Giants and the weather was only mildly inclement. Definitely something to monitor.