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  1. If you were the Giants, who would you be more afraid of, an aging Desean Jackson in his first game back, or the guy with three TDs in his last three games?
  2. Last night a bit underwhelming for some people? Jaysus. What did you want? Anybody who was worried should be officially unworried in my opinion. CEH has his warts, but those warts won't get worse with Bell around. The onus is now on Bell to come in out play CEH and if he wants to outplay the guy who played last night? Good luck.
  3. I really question how juicy of a matchup it is with Bradberry likely shadowing. He’s been great this year.
  4. I wouldn't go too far back in. He hasn't looked good and they have 2-3 other guys lurking around.
  5. I'll take the glass half full approach and say at least Bell isn't taking the job.
  6. Called back td sucks but CEH owners should be rejoicing at this performance overall.
  7. I would ignore the Thursday night game (Thursday is garbage ball). He didn't need to chuck it yesterday, but when he did he looked good. I'd just be worried about how good the Tampa D looks, because he may not find himself in a lot of fantasy friendly game scripts if they're crushing opposing QBs all game.
  8. I would consider Bradberry to be a legit concern. Thursday night garbage ball though, so who knows.
  9. McKinnon certainly doesn't look very effective compared to Mostert.
  10. It's somewhere in between both of these reactions. He's not as elite as we hoped he'd be but you can do a lot worse at TE. Would I trade him for Waller? Yes. Anyone after that? Probably not.
  11. Really odd he went from non practicing to seemingly fine. Who's lying here?