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  1. Mattison, thanks for help with mine!
  2. Drop one half PPR: Jerick McKinnon Carlos Hyde Laviska Shenault Joshua Kelley Other WRs on team: Michael Thomas, Kenny Golladay, Robert Woods, DeVante Parker, AJ Green, Julian Edelman Other RBs on team: Nick Chubb, LeVeon Bell, Latavius Murray
  3. I like Watson, Deebo #1, Samuel #2. Don't overthink this one.
  4. Title says it all. Trying to decide between a handful of fringe starters for my flex in a half PPR. Mixon (vs. Jets) - Hate the matchup with the Jets and Andy being back will likely mean less running and more passing Shepherd (vs. Packers) - Was excited about him without Tate/Engram until the weather forecast came out. Ugly game might make it tough. McCoy (vs. Raiders) - No floor, but probably biggest upside of the group. RoJo (vs. Jaguars) - Hate how gameflow dependent he is Dede (vs. Bucs) - Safe, but low upside
  5. Andrews, wouldn't overthink it. Poor weather affects the deep game a lot more than the short-intermediate game Andrews plays in.
  6. Freeman vs. Packers, and I don't even think it's particularly close. Scary two weeks for him, I know, but just keep the faith a little longer.
  7. I would have to agree, Diggs against a soft Raiders secondary over Hollywood in heavy rain.
  8. Agree with everyone else, if you think you are a legit contender this year, take this deal. Otherwise, hang on to Ridley's 10th round keeper value.
  9. Tough decisions, guys are all pretty close to each other: RB - Joe Mixon, playing BUF RB - LeSean McCoy, playing BAL RB - David Montgomery, playing WAS TE - Evan Engram, playing TB TE - Mark Andrews, playing KC Thanks!
  10. Surprised by the amount of responses that went the other way. Completely agree with this - The market tends to get more efficient the closer we get to the season. A lot of the value plays you can get now will not exist come late August/early September.
  11. Comparing these two on their careers, when you just admitted that a back with a higher proportion of carries would be less efficient on this metric, is very contradictory. Simple thought experiment: What would D Williams points per touch look like if his proportion of rushes/receptions was roughly the same as Saquon's? Saquon's rushes/reception = 261/91 = 2.87. You would have to add ~126 carries to D Williams' career totals to get to approximately this proportion (183 carries + 126 carries/108 receptions) = 2.86. Using his career averages, and with generous rounding on TDs, add 504 rushing yards and 5 TDs to his career totals. That's about an extra 80 fantasy points. Take his new touch total/new fantasy points = (291+126)/(360+80) = 0.95 points per touch. Significantly different from above, clearly not on Saquon's level, but not too bad, either. Now I don't think this quick and dirty thing above is the right way to think about this, but I just wanted to show that the metric you are using is flawed and will always over-inflate pass-catching backs with limited rushing involvement. Here's another example - your metric would say James White is the best RB in the league. Do you really believe that? Here's a suggestion: Either look at points per rush and points per catch separately (safer) or come up with a more robust way of combining the two together with some sort of weighted average or scaling to limit how much your metric overvalues pass-catching backs (will always be a little flawed, but would at least be a lot better than what you are using now).
  12. Or he is bluffing and wants the Steelers to think exactly this and give him the fat contract he wants now.