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  1. Why are we being linked to Mike Glennon??? If Pace wants to go with the unproven QB route (Jimmy G or Glennon), just draft Malhomes in the 2nd or 3rd round
  2. You can't call yourself a "Huge Sox fan" then complain about the name of their field and say you plan on going to the s--- hole known as Wrigley Field. 1st off, its the name of their field.... as my buddy Jay Cutler once said DOOOONTTTT CAAAARE 2nd, I hope you meant you are going to Wrigley to root against the cubbies 3rd, change your loyalty to the cubs, if you enjoyed an ounce of their post season run
  3. Over the last two seasons, Pace has been pretty active in the free agency market. I am looking for him to make another splash. I am guessing/hoping for Eric Berry.
  4. Hahn should hold onto Q until the Astros blink. I wouldn't mind him mentoring our young pitchers during this spring training.
  5. I think the White Sox would get max value, if they packaged Roberston and Quintana together. I am not ruling gout the Yankees, if they start the season hot, they will be inclined to make a deal for a front line starter. But for now, the ball is in the Astros court. They know the asking price. They will pull the trigger, once spring training starts and they realize they NEED starting pitching
  6. I wouldn't give up a 2nd. This draft is loaded with DBs and the Bears biggest weakness is DBs! Let the Browns get burned by NE (again).
  7. So all you guys have given up on Cutler?? I think that is a mistake. Last year was an exception because half our team was injured. Give him a healthy roster, a full season from Howard, and the same system/coach, I think he will be fine. His season with Gase was great. I thought Loggains would be better. But I am hoping, with a year of experience, he will help Cutler more.
  8. I think this pick comes down to Allen or Adams. When healthy, their front 7 is very good right now. Allen makes them elite. Adams is being called the best safety prospect since the late Sean Taylor. I would like the Bears to double dip on DBs in the 1st and 2nd. Adams at #3 and Sidney Jones / Gareon Conley at #36. Jake Butt or Leggett in the 3rd round....
  9. I need help customizing my playoff schedule. I am on ESPN. 12 teams. 5 make the playoffs: Round 1; 1 week Seed 5 vs Seed 4 Round 2 (Semis); 2 weeks Seed 1 vs winner of round 1 Seed 2 vs Seed 3 Round 3 (Championship); 2 weeks Winners from previous round Is this possible to format on ESPN?
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