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  1. Ware and Chubb.
  2. I like Ware. They will be up the whole game, plenty of work in an elite offense + better matchup.
  3. Andy is on fire.
  4. So I am 6-6 currently and if I can get the win this week I lock up my playoff spot. If I lose, I also need two other teams to lose in order to make it. I am winning 37.6 to 6.6 after TNF and playing arguably one of the best teams in our league. I have 6 starters left vs his 8. I need to pick 1 QB and 1 WR to play. Who do I go with? - 0.5 PPR QB - Winston vs CAR / Cousins @ NE WR - Jarvis @ HOU / D Thomas vs CLE / Tate vs WSH
  5. White and Gus Bus.
  6. Brees and I don't think you should have to think twice.
  7. I would start over both guys.
  8. I worded this really poorly... I need to fill 1 WR slot and 1 FLEX slot.
  9. Has to be at least 1 WR, my RB slots are filled up and currently playing Ingram there as of now.
  10. Preach.