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  1. With their young talent getting pricy in future. The yanks time to win is now. So this is unfortunate, you just hate to see that.
  2. Yanks have to be favorite. I mean look at all those titles Cole won with the Astros
  3. Phillies and Cubs have had talks about a Kris Bryant trade. One thing slowing the deal is a service time grievance if there's one or two years of club control left.
  4. He didn't exactly. With 80 mil deferred it lowers the true value of the deal. But still he kicked out the plan B option for some of these teams and now the race is on.
  5. Citizens bank park is putting a coke freestyle machine in the the clubhouse
  6. How does a D with the best defensive player in the league get killed by Winston? Smh
  7. JT Realmuto's season is over. His rankings among MLB catchers in 2019: Hits - 1st (148) 2B - 1st (36) HR - 4th (25) Runs - 1st (92) RBIs - 1st (83) CS % - 1st (47%) WAR - 1st (5.7) He has solidified his place as the best catcher in baseball.
  8. Getting left meniscus cleaned Friday no concern for next season. Good work this year JT. Rest up
  9. Defintely 8 weeks... and for a team going no where what would he the point of bringing him back this year?