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  1. Get Tate in your lineup and add Hunt. I don’t have much faith in Cleveland’s offense, but Chubb still puts up good numbers. Thanks for mine!
  2. With Kamara questionable I have to wonder how much they will actually need him today vs Cincy. Brown should get plenty of touches but SF has been stingy against the run so far this season. I believe in “never bench your studs”, but this may be the one time it is safe to do so?
  3. Go for both. Marte is worth it in my book. Thanks for help on mine.
  4. Thanks everyone. I am going to help on your links now. I should have mentioned that I will have the first pick once we get out of the keepers, so since most everyone is saying the same 4 - I could keep Segura as my 5th and take Sanchez #1 off the board (or vice versa, and depending on who is available of course).
  5. I need to keep 5 out of the following: C Gary Sanchez 2B Robinson Cano 3B Alex Bregman SS Jean Segura OF Charlie Blackmon SP Jake Arrieta SP Mike Clevinger SP Eduardo Rodriguez SP Walker Buehler SP Michael Kopech I can keep them forever. Leave a link and I'll help.
  6. Upside, I like Hill. Consistency, give me Cooper. I’m not sure if Gruden kept their previous OC or not, so that could be a factor into Cooper’s production. Thanks for mine.
  7. Interesting. Thanks for the responses. I was not high on McKinnon so I think that is where I’m seeing a hole, but I’ll trust your alls judgement. I am not high on Lynch or Lee, but hopefully I won’t need to rely on them. Surprised to get Thomas as well, but everyone else loaded up on RB’s in rounds 1 and 2. Thanks for the info!
  8. 10 Team, 1pt PPR, Keep 2 (keeper starts after this season). I picked #4, and feel pretty disappointed in my draft. It didn't seem to follow the mocks I had done and I never got into the flow. How bad did I do, and should I look to upgrade any glaring weaknesses? QB : Watson, Jimmy G RB : Zeke, McKinnon, Lynch, Cohen, Blount WR : Thomas, Robinson, Goodwin, Lee, Moore TE : Burton K & D will be streamed We start QB, RB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D. WHIR.
  9. I know it is after the draft date, but are you still looking for managers?
  10. I would try Gallo and Clevinger. Clevinger has double digit K's his last 2 starts, so someone may think they are buying him at the right time. I'm not super high on Gallo (have him in one league), but the HR's come in handy. Maybe a team lacking power will like what they see with him. Thanks for mine!
  11. I have a pretty weak team in my 16-team keeper (keep 5). I've been holding onto Trea Turner but I think it's time to trade him to shake my roster up a bit and see how I can improve. The trade is: I Give Trea Turner and Blake Parker I Get Alex Bregman and Charlie Blackmon My current roster is as follows: C: Sanchez 1B: Belt 2B: LeMahieu SS: Turner 3B: Devers OF: Hamilton, Inciarte, Choo DH: Polanco BENCH: Cano SP: Arrieta, Wood, Clevinger, ERod, Nova, Romero RP: Parker DL: Darvish, Buehler WHIR!
  12. 1 pt PPR/12 teams, 7-6 regular season record, which gave me the #4 seed out of 8. I backed into the playoffs but won big when Hunt regained form. Won championship my first season in my work league. Draft - 8th out of 12: We use an OP slot and everyone went QB early. I went with OBJ, Zeke (sill suspended at the time), Fournette, Kelce, Hopkins, Woodhead, Palmer, Martin, Wentz, Bailey, Cardinals, K White, Bernard, Goff, M Lee, Watson. Best draft pick - Hopkins in Round 5. Best FA pickup - Robbie Gould when Jimmy took over. Trades - I traded Wentz for Michael Thomas the week OBJ went down. I regretted that trade a few weeks later when Wentz was having an unbelievable season, until the injury. I traded Kelce and K Drake for Hunt and Jordan Reed banking on Hunt getting back to early season form and Zeke being suspended to end my season and begin the playoffs. Luckily, he did and I faced the guy I traded week 1 of the playoffs. With no decent QB’s on waivers, I traded Darkwa to a RB needy team trying to make a playoff push, for Jimmy G. Couldn’t use him for a few weeks, but started every week of the playoffs for me and I couldn’t be happier. Final lineup: Jimmy G (Rodgers IR) Hunt, Zeke, Fournette (Woodhead, Gallman, K Williams on bench) Hopkins, M Thomas (Gordon, Westbrook on bench) Gronk Gould KC D (stream)