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  1. Allen had been more consistent and at home so seemed safer. Shoulda stuck with the legend.
  2. Used Josh Allen over Drew Brees.....
  3. Fantasy Football really makes me appreciate Fantasy Baseball. I've done pretty well overall in fantasy football but am quickly losing interest.
  4. Can't wait for Lockett to put up 20 points next week after I bench him.
  5. You can still get the flu after a flu shot!
  6. Makes sense - he's barely owned in 10 team leagues hence me asking.
  7. How deep is your bench to hold Mattison?
  8. Penny looks better than Carson - ride the hot hand!
  9. Probably over in general. Banged up and 28 in a couple weeks.
  10. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports there is no timetable for a decision on potential disciple for free agent WR Antonio Brown. SOURCE: CBS Sports Dec 1, 2019, 10:51 AM ET
  11. Your original point was that daniel jones was a bad pick because teams passed on him. More teams passed on Watson, Mahomes and Jackson. What would trading more picks accomplish if the guy sucks at drafting? You're not even keeping up with your own argument 😂
  12. So they missed on Darnold to get Saquon. A year later they draft a QB whose performing better than Darnold - and you somehow see that as a bad decision all because 'other teams didn't want him'? Interesting.
  13. Yahoo projections drive me freaking insane - wish there was a way to disable them.
  14. The team sucked last year too and he was the best RB in the league. The difference is at QB - Eli knew how to pickup defenses and call audibles. DJ simply doesn't do that at this point in his career. I'm 100% avoiding Saquon next year. But comparing the guy to Montee Ball is laughable.