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  1. I might argue the opposite. Attention spans are so short, you need to be in front of people daily, even if it's negative. People will forget and move on quickly.
  2. No such thing as bad press, I suppose.
  3. I think you're misinterpreting what "open the books means". And the owners absolutely have incentive for the season to be played. A missed season would be detrimental to the long term health of the league.
  4. It's my understanding MLB will be paying for tests that wouldn't be created otherwise. So they're not taking tests away from the general public, which is what the players wanted. Probably a good amount of additional revenue for the testing companies to improve their product. Add in some additional tests for first responders & health care workers as a charitable gesture. Really, not much of a negative here, although I'm sure plenty of people will spin it otherwise.
  5. I don't know about that. Those of us who have taken the time to learn about the situation will probably side with the players, but John Q Public just thinks players are overpaid for "playing a game", and probably never gives a thought to who owns the team and how rich they are.
  6. Isn't it a keeper league though? If you had that great of a draft, don't you have an advantage going into '21 with better keeper options? I kind of see your point, but wouldn't it be unfair to give you the advantage of being able to keep the players you drafted in '20 AND give you all those picks again in '21?
  7. Passan article. Mostly pretty optimistic, although I admit, I didn't have time to read it all the way through. It's pretty long.
  8. Passan's article. Similar to Sherman's.
  9. Well, that's a little more reputable than Trevor Plouffe, isn't it?