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  1. Where are we thinking Bichette will rank heading into next year?
  2. Just confirming your info here. Ruh roh.
  3. It's gotta be the back thing, right? He was so good last year, albeit in just under 100 innings. Was rolling this year, then the back thing, and he's totally derailed. As to what I'm expecting ROS? An IL stint probably. Oakland is going to coast into a playoff spot and they'd be better served just letting him rest for a couple weeks to get that back right. For fantasy purposes, he's probably droppable in 10 & 12 team redrafts.
  4. Needed 1 quality start yesterday. Mize: Meh Valdez:. Postponed Castillo:. Shelled Dunning: Pulled after 5 in the middle of a no hitter.
  5. Leads all catchers in runs scored, at least. He's been bad, but what do you do? There's no one better to grab in most leagues.
  6. Nice outing. Think Ollie Perez blew his win on purpose?
  7. Dropskies for me. I'll get back on board next year.
  8. What about Buttrey? <ducks> Honestly though, he hasn't allowed a run since the 2nd. He's actually been pretty solid this year, knock on wood.
  9. I don't know. I'm sure they took some flak for that back then. I don't really care to discuss anytime someone may have run up a score.
  10. Shocker. I'd say it was fun while it lasted, but it wasn't really.
  11. I mean, I get it, but you've never heard that? I'm not really interested in arguing specific circumstances, but at some point, it's good sportsmanship to call off the dogs.
  12. Got the final out on 1 pitch, so assume he'll be back out for the 9th.
  13. Taylor Williams coming in for Seattle in the 8th, I assume for a 4 out save opp.
  14. Yea, I really took that one in the shorts, didn't I?